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Friday, June 1, 2012

This Week's Sales

Today only deals at Safeway. I am hoping they still have the apple juice by this afternoon!

10 for $5 makes them .50/litre! Great substitute for white wine in recipes!
Tuesday is 10% off day. The chicken breasts are on again.

Buy 3 cereals and get a free milk. If you have coupons you could make this a better deal, plus combining it with 10% off day is good. 

Safeway has cantaloupe .49/lb

Customer Appreciation Days at Extra Foods for June 4 and 5 only.
Spend $25 and get 10% off on that $25(not more than $25 so try to get it bang on or move to the $50)

Superstore has spend $250 and get a $25 gift card.

4L of Vinegar 2/$4.38

Salsa is $4.98 for 1.85L limit 4. Typically it doesn't go on sale again until August.

Trail mix is $5.98 for the 800g-1Kg. NN Pasta 2kg $3(limit 6)

Pineapples are $1.96. Grapes are 2lbs for $2.48.

Toilet Paper is $6.98(I only saw this in the Extra Foods flyer, not Supertore's)if it is the same one I have bought in the past it is 6720 sheets. If you were spending $100 and getting 15% off this would make this .00088/sheet. To compare this to the recent Soft and Pure deal using this price/sheet it would cost $15.21 for the same amount of toilet paper.(It was on sale for $14.97 so this is only .24 more)

Pharmasave has Crest toothpaste 130 ml for .99. I will probably price match at Walmart or Superstore as this store is far away from me.

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