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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Freezing Yogurt

 Several of the recipes I make ask for plain yogurt.Things like buttered chicken needs 1 Tbsp, America's Test Kitchen's yummy banana bread needs 1/4 cup and all of their muffin recipes usually need more than a cup. I don't usually have it sitting around in my fridge so when it goes on sale I buy it and freeze it. Yesterday at 10% off day at Safeway they had plain Activia yogurt in the soon to expire area. It was $1. I had a $1 off free!
 My ice cube tray holds 2 Tbsp in each cube. Measure out one cube to see if yours are the same. One 650g(not the one shown here) container of yogurt makes 22 cubes full, or 44 Tbsps.

Once it's frozen I pop it out and into freezer bags. It's a good idea to label it frozen plain yogurt and that each cube is 2 Tbsp. I always think I will remember.....I never do! When I need it I just pull out the right number of cubes and put them in a container in the fridge to defrost overnight.
 Here's a handy dandy chart for how much to take out.
1/4 cup =4Tbsp
1/2 cup=8Tbsp
3/4 cup=12 Tbsp
1 cup=16 Tbsp

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