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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lots of freebies!!!

I had to put up this picture of Hawaii. There's something so happy about the ocean and mountains!

Ready for some freebies??? Free bread if you answer a few easy questions. Free coke at Mac's. Free Kleenex for you and a friend!Free dog food.
Stamps are 10% off at Rexall across Canada from Oct 1-7!
It's Second Cup's 35 year anniversary! Today, September 30th order a medium blend 35 coffee for .75!
Nesters Market Until Oct 2
Large Red Seedless Grapes .98
Split Chicken Breasts $1.98/lb(bone in fresh)
Today only Campfire Bacon is $1.97

Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Pens

Want some free pens? Click here to go to the Rubbermaid Office Page and pick 3 pens! They will be shipped to you in 6-8 weeks! Here, it's while quantities last. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Joy of Frugality

I know, sometimes when we hear the word frugal, we think sacrifice, and hard work, but I want to add a new positive take on frugality...JOY!
Yesterday the sun was shining, it was a great day to be outside, and I got to mow my lawn, with my garage saled(it was free because of the crack at the top!!!) push mower! Why would I want to do that you ask? Well, I love the sunshine and I got to be out in it, full blast. I need exercise, but really don't enjoy going to exercise classes, but I LOVE getting exercise while I'm doing something else!
I DO NOT like the smell of gas mowers! I DO NOT like the noise they produce! Never mind the pollution.
Also, I am told that leaving the grass clippings on the lawn is good for it, and my push mower does just that! This year I kept our big lawn mowed with my handy dandy push mower, all except one time when we had been away and it had got too long for me!
In the spring, you could join my husband and have a good laugh at my expense, as I push my mower wearing aerating shoes! They are plastic platforms with nail like spikes on the bottom. He especially likes it when I get stuck!!!
So, there you have it....I saved some money, was careful of the enviroment, took care of my body, and had fun!!! What joyful frugal activities do you do?

Friday, September 24, 2010

This Week's Sales

This is an extremely easy, food processor, America's Test Kitchen recipe for yummy home made noodles. The dough is nice and yellow because of my mom and dad's wonderful eggs!!
The pasta maker was garage sale purchased in brand new form(it was a wedding gift they didn't want!)that I got for $7!!!
Fresh noodles anyone?? Need a great fettuccine recipe to go with this? Check out America's Test Kitchen's recipe.(You can get the DVDs at the library!! They have helped me learn to cook sooo much better!)
Walmart is continuing their anniversary event! Sept 24-30
Speed Stick or Degrees deodorants $1.50
European Shampoo 1L $2!!!!(if you like this shampoo stock up! It doesn't go bad and it hasn't been this low for a VERY long time!!)
The Armstrong Cheese is still on sale 750g $5.97
Scope 1L $2.50
Grade A Turkey .95/lb
English Cucumbers .77 each

Rexall on Hollywood on Sept 25th only has a in store sign up for their eNewsletter and get a free Burt's Bees Lip Balm

Save On
Sept 24-26 Pork Tenderloin $1.99/lb!!!!!! This is probably a long piece of meat, but you can cut it into a bunch of shorter pieces.(PLEASE NOTE THAT COOPER'S has BOGO for Pork Tenderloin starting Sept26, so if one is $3.98/lb or $8.76/kg or less it's the same deal or better)
Sept 26-Oct 2
Black Grapes .99/lb(I can't even think about more grapes as I try to process ours before the bear takes them!!)
WF Marg is 1.36kg 2/$6

Cooper's Sept 26-Oct 2

Green Lettuce .79
Lots of BOGO this week, I am hoping to check that out and let you know.

Safeway Sept 25- Oct 1
Best Buy Cheese 720g-750g $7.99(if you can find blocks that are bigger than 800g it's an okay deal, the Walmart cheese is less expensive)
French Bread is .99

Superstore Sept 24-Sept 30
Imperial Margarine 1.36kg $2.97(limit 2)
McCain Cool Quenchers Juice frozen 225ml .57 limit 6
Degree antiperspirant 48g $1.49 limit 6
10cents 4X6 prints on 100 or more
Sourdough or Pumpernickel bread $1.48
NN Flour 10Kg $5.98
Breyer's Ice Cream 1.89L $2.99(limit 2)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Up with this blog???

What's Up With This Blog?
I have a passion to see people live beneath their means. Yes, I said beneath. Why? Because I think the world would be a better place. Is it easy? No! Believe me when I tell you this is a process. If you are living on one income or even two and spending more than you make you need to step back and live within your means. That is the beginning. Next, we learned to give away a portion of our income each month. This was hard, but that was years ago and now it's just automatic. Next step, get out of debt, everything but the house. We did that quite a few years ago, and let me tell you there is alot more wiggle room with less payments!!! The step we are on is saving 10%. At first this will be set aside for emergencies. The goal being to save 3-6months of bills. Where are you at?
So, this blog came from an email I used to send out to people who had come to one of my Shopping Courses. I used to send out weekly emails of the sales. I am a visual learner so when I learned about blogging I thought great! A way to share beautiful scenery pictures and the weekly sales. It then became weekly sales, free things and tips on saving money. I hope it helps.
How to use it.
If you'd like you can click on the subscribe button and you will get an email everytime I post. The subscribe button is on the right of the blog. Just to let you know, it's not instaneous. Feed burner sends you an email, I don't. If you want you can either check in on Fridays if you are looking to see this week's sales or you can follow me on Facebook as I share it on Facebook when I post.
Looking for some ideas in a particular area? See the search bar up at the top left? Type in gas coupon and you'll go to this month's $2.00 printable gas coupon. Type in whatever you are looking for and the posts with those labels will come up.
Who is this blog for?
It's for people trying to get on track. People who needs some fresh ideas. People who want to see if it's possible to live on one income. The grocery sales(big stores like Superstore, IGA, Zellers etc) are for all across Canada. The flyers are pretty much the same.
It's for people who like free things!
It's for people who want to be encouraged! If we can do it, you can definitely do it!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Costco and other sales items

Today I headed out with hubby to get some of the things on sale this week. I expected that Canadian Tire would be all out of the handy dandy plug in for the car thing...boy was I surprised to see that that had a huge bin full!!!
While we were out we stopped in at Costco. One of our favorite treats is to have ready made chicken cordon bleu. I have tracked it for years and have not ever seen it go this low!!!! $8.79 for this box! This sale is good until tomorrow.
Save On had beautiful peppers for .99/lb and when I got home I quickly cut them up for eating, stir fry, salad and freezing. Aren't they sooo pretty!
Our Walmart was out of the onions :(
they say they might have more tomorrow.
What I did find was the Armstrong Cheese(750g/$5.97) which is a screaming deal! When I got home I used my food processor to quickly shred it for freezing. Casseroles, pizza, and soft tacos are a breeze with frozen cheese!
I also picked up enough Colgate with toothbrushes to last us for a very long time!

Friday, September 17, 2010

This Week's Sales and Free Samples

This is a picture of one of the many free samples I have received in the mail! Right now Cottonelle has a free tub of wipes offer!
Also a free fragrance sample of 1.5ml if you will be in the Bay.
And another free Honey Nut All Bran Bar and coupon.

This week at Walmart Sept 17-23
All of these items seem to be limited, while supplies last quantities so sooner is probably better!
Armstrong Cheeses 750g $5.97!!!!
Folgers Coffee 920g $4.97
Colgate 170ml plus Colgate toothbrush $1.97
L'Oreal hair Color $8
Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs $5/pack(remember they all weigh different so bigger is better!)
Grapes .97/lb
3lbs onions or carrots $1(yeah! I've been waiting for onions to go back down, you know you can cut them up and freeze them in freezer bags)
Croissants 4/$1
Charmin TP 48 rolls for $8.98!!!limit 6
Delissio Pizza $4.97
Winguard Winter Tires $49
Rainx Windershield wipers $3.97!!
Save On Foods 19-25
Green Peppers .99/lb
Degree anti persperant 48-85g $1.49
Red, Yellow, Orange Peppers .99/lb Sept 17-19 only
Zellers 17-23
L'Image Hair Color $5.99
Superstore 17-23
Boneless Blade Roast $1.98/lb
Purex TP 30 $5.96!!!(limit 6)
Mac Apples .66/lb
Tropicana OJ 2.63L $3.97 limit 2
Casa Mendosa 10" tortillas 2/$4
Yams .68/lb
Honey Dew $2.47 each
Safeway 18-24
McCain's Pizza international or cresendo 465g-900g $5
Green Grapes .99/lb
Bnls Sknls chicken breasts $2.99/lb
Canadian Tire is having their 88th Birthday sale. Be sure to get a flyer and an insert that is a scratch and win if you are buying anything this weekend.
Saturday only they have a 75W Eliminator converter(a little domahicky that makes your lighter receptacle into a plug in in your car!)$7.88(I have a wack of CT money to use towards this!
Food Wraps are 2/.88(foil,plastic,wax)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New P&G Samples

Brand Samplers from Proctor and Gamble are available again. There are 5 free samples, you can see 4 of them here. The kids take turns opening our free sample packages, it is quite fun! Hurry quantities are limited.

Friday, September 3, 2010

This Week's Sales and gas coupon

Here's a gas coupon worth printing! Just to compare, if you usually get your gas at Superstore and get 4.5cents/litre in gas bucks...25 litres of gas =$1.13 it makes sense to use this coupon if Husky or Mohawk isn't out of your way.
Shopper's Drug Mart
Sept 4-6 only
Large White Eggs 2/$3 limit2
Schneider's Bacon 500g $2.99
Kraft Peanut Butter 1Kg $2.49(goes as low as $2)
Life mouthwash 1L $1.66(goes as low as $1.49)
Sept 4-10
Everyday Market butter 454g $2.99 limit 4
Sugar 2Kg $1.79(goes as low as .99!)not a great deal but better than $10.99 for 10kg
Walmart limited time offer
Royale Tp is 16 double rolls or 32 singles $5.98!!!!
Ragu Old World Style Sauce is $1
Grapes Red, Green or Black .97/lb
Chicken Thighs are $5 a this as the sizes are all different! Go for the largest size you can find...I found a pack that was 1.558kg which =$3.21/kg or $1.46/lb
Russet Potatoes 10lb $2.47
Hot House Tomatoes .77/lb
Got 2 B Hair products $3.97

Superstore is having their no tax event Sept 4 and 5
Sept 3-9
Neilson Yogurt 3/$1
Red,Green grapes .96/lb
NN Soda crackers 454g 2/$3
NN olives 398ml $1
Fresh limes 3/$1
NN english muffins $1
NN wieners $1
NN Perogies 2kg $2.88
Mushrooms 454g $1.98

Cooper's until Sept 4 BOGO free boneless skinless chicken breasts with coupon on front of the flyer 3kg for $34.99 and next one free = $2.65/lb !!!!!!

Nesters Market Sept 1-4 only
4L Milk $3.49 limit 1
Fresh Express Garden Salad or Cole Slaw .75each

Remember starting today Olive oil is $3.33/L at LONDON DRUGS