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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Freezing Eggs????

Freezing eggs??? You can do that? This is a question I have heard many times and so I thought I would bring you along while I get some of my lovely eggs from my parent's chickens into the freezer. Mom likes to bring us LOTS when she drives out to see us, because it could be a long time till we see her again. Their eggs are the best! We feel so sad when we run out. I wouldn't want them to go bad and I know I'll be baking lots this winter, so freezing is a fantastic option.

To Freeze Eggs....break 5 eggs into a bowl, add 1 tsp of salt, lightly mix.
You can put them into plastic containers or bags. I write the expiry date right on them(6 months)as well as directions that 3 Tbsp=1egg. The night before I need them I take them out and thaw them in the fridge overnight. Viola! Eggs!

What can you do with these eggs, you ask?? You can use them in baking, for scrambled eggs(don't add salt), waffles, pancakes, casseroles...pretty much use them like you would fresh eggs, only you can't have sunny side up!


"C" is for many things said...

Thanks for the tip!!! I love farm fresh eggs. Do you get them in town anywhere when you run out?

Sue said...

Thanks! No I don't do you have a suggestion for me?

"C" is for many things said...

LOL no, I was going to ask you!