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Sunday, February 5, 2012

What to do with Lots of Boxed Chicken Legs

Remember a while ago when these chicken legs were on for $1/1b?
I wanted to do a post on what to do with them.

Inside the box are 2 bags of frozen legs. I had 11 in one bag.

I defrosted them in the fridge several days before I needed them.

I got out my handy dandy chicken scissors and cut up each leg into one drumstick
and one thigh.

I soaked them for one hour in a brine, then coated them in homemade shake and bake.
I used a really yummy whole wheat flour and an assortment of cracker
bits rolled fine in their bags with my rolling pin. I just recently learned
 that you can use cereal crumbs(you know that stuff at the bottom of the
cereal bag that know one wants to eat?)too.
I set a wire cooling rack on a cookie sheet and then baked the
chicken on top of the rack for the required time.
Total cost to feed 9 people was $5.50 for chicken.
But keep in mind there were 4 pieces leftover for
A delicious way to keep your costs down!

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