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Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Week's Sales

This Week's Sales
Walmart 17-23
Asparagus $1.47/lb
Grapes $1.47/lb
Superstore 17-23
Pineapples $1.96
Blade Roast $2.48/lb
Avocados $2.95/5
Coconuts 2/$3
5lb bags of Spartan, Red Delicious, Ambrosia $2.95
Romaine 3pk $1.96
20lbs red or russet potatoes $4.96
Country Harvest Bread 2/$5
Bok Choy .48/lb
Ginger .76/lb
NN Beans 5/$3

Costco has picture development in store or online for 9cents a picture until Feb 26(at Superstore it's .10)

Well, looks like some inexpensive tp if you got the celebration coupon! $3.99-$2.00=$1.99  for
the Royale Ultra

The Royale facial tissue is 2 for $1.59 with the celebrations coupon it's .80 for 2.
Stamps are also on sale 5% off

I don't know why this came in sideways! Anyways,
Zellers gives 10% off Feb 17-20 when you use\
their HBC Credit card

Again why sideways!!! Wonder
bread is  $1.99 and there are
these recent coupons for .75 off.
Making this bread $1.24.(plus 10% off $1.12)

Not sideways...nice! Ragu sauce is $1.33(less 10% is

London Drugs has the Kotex U on again.
You can stack with those same 2 coupons
that are about to expire this week. Again,
they would be .99 a package plus you get a
free Kleenex auto pack 24s(value up to $1.99).
Not sure if I will brave this one. Suffice it to say
my first attempt at coupon stacking was not
seamless! I did do it and I got my chocolate, but
not all in one trip and not without a few phone calls
and some angst! Not sure if I want to do it again!
Hats off to all of you regular coupon stackers!!!!

Lakeview Market has a few deals. Zucchini
is .58/lb( Old Town has it for .49/lb)
Tomatoes are .88/lb.(Quality Greens has Romas
for .79/lb)

They often do coupons in the weekly paper and they can be good deals. I
especially like when they do $1 off milk!

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