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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Toilet Paper Deals at Canadian Tire???

Starting this Friday Canadian Tire has Majesta toilet paper, 8
double rolls for $3.99. At $3.99 it works out to .25/roll. How can you get it cheaper? There are 2 coupons out there, one for $2 and one for $1. These were from That would make this tp .12-.19/roll. It doesn't say that rain checks aren't allowed, so maybe you can get one if they are out? You may be able to ad match at Walmart, if they carry this size. Seems this is the catch with toilet paper deals, all stores carry different sizes!

Here's what the coupons look like.


Anonymous said...

love your posts with the pictures and coupons attached. Great job!

P.S. Don't forget that Saturday is scratch card time at CT, so the TP could be even cheaper. But, I've never seen those cards in Kelowna!


Sue said...

Thanks Gabby you are so kind. I will look for the scratch cards! :)