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Friday, January 29, 2010

Pictures and Cable TV

After returning from our trip to Hawaii, we found we had lots of pictures that we wanted to develop.
Here are some of the deals I found.
Good until the end of today only is Shopper's Drugs offer of .10 a photo(4X6) if you do 50 or more. These are developed the same day.If you aren't quite ready that fast and you or someone you know is a Costco member, they have a 2 week in store deal. Feb 15-28 all 4X6 .10. This deal is in the winter savings coupon book they have at the entrance and exit of most Costco stores. There doesn't seem to be a limit or a coupon code.
Also, at Costco during the same 2 weeks they have an online offer for up to 300 prints at .10. The coupon code is CWWSA215.
The Olympics is coming up and we love to watch it! We don't have cable and aren't able to get any peasant vision at our house. Hubby did an Internet search and found out that Shaw offers $19.95/month for 6 months, plus first month free and free hook-up, if you haven't had cable in the last 90 days. On top of that they bundle your other services and that will save you an extra $5-$10/month. If you like having all the channels, for $2.95/month they will give you pretty much everything for the first 7 months. If you are a TV series watcher, you could hookup up until May sweeps and then unhook for the summer! Basic cable is $35.95. The package with the extra channels is $60.95/month!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Week's Sales

We are back home after 3 weeks in Hawaii. It is good to be home, it was a fantastic trip.


pork shoulder picnic whole
.95lb / 2.09/kg

no name® canola oil
100% pure, 3 L
fresh romaine lettuce

seasoned pork tenderloin chops or rib end chops
bone in CLUB PACK
$1.88lb / 4.14/kg

Ziggy’s® Internationale ham
Black Forest, honey maple or old fashioned, sliced, pre-packaged CLUB PACK
.89/100 g

pan bread
white or whole wheat, unsliced, 4x450g club PACK
each $3.89
no name® cheese
selected varieties (excluding extra old), 907 g Limit 4, after limit 9.28 each
each $7.98
pork loin chops
bone in, frozen, rib & center or sirloin & center
$1.88lb / 4.14/kg
fresh McIntosh apples
product of Canada, fancy grade5 lb bag
each $3.48
no name® vegetables
selected varieties, frozen, 2 kg CLUB PACK
each $3.48!!!!
Parkay margarine
soft or quarters, 1.36 kg Limit 4, after limit 5.89 each
each $2.99
PC® Honey Nut Oat O’s cereal
1.35 kg CLUB PACK Limit 2, after limit 8.19 each
each $5.79
no name® flour
all purpose, 10 Kg Club PACK
each $5.48

no name® pickles
selected varieties, 2L CLUB PACK
each $3.68
fresh navel oranges
product of U.S.A., fancy grade Navel Considered the world's finest orange for eating. Easy to peel and segment.
.46lb / 1.01/kg
fresh Russet potatoes
product of Canada, no. 2 grade20 lb bag
each $3.86

Quality Greens Jan 27-Feb 1

California • Broccoli Crowns$.79 / lb
California • Sweet Navel Oranges5 / $1.00
Imported • Large Roma Tomatoes$.69 / lb
Imported • Eggplant$.99 / ea
Imported • Sweet Red Peppers$.99 / lb

Old Town Farm Market Jan 27-Feb 1

Red,Yellow,Orange and Green .99/lb
Broccoli .79/lb
Roma Tomatoes .69/lb
Zucchini .59/lb
Cauliflower .69/lb

IGA Thurs Fri Sat

Granny Smith Apples 5lb $2.49
Compliments Peanut Butter 1Kg $1.99

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flight Sale

West jet is having a $50 flight sale. I quickly checked it and found flights between AB and BC for $50. Happy Flying!
Book by January 7, 2010 (11:59 p.m. MST) for travel until May 31, 2010.
For Canadian and U.S. destinations travel on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Seasonal service to Phoenix and Palm Springs ends the week of May 23, 2010.
Seasonal service to New York and San Francisco begins May 2, 2010.
Seasonal service to Deer Lake, Saint John and Sydney, NS begins May 21, 2010.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Save today at Shopper's Drug Mart

Saturday Jan 2 only
Life Brand Paper Towels 8 rolls $1.99(limit 4)
Life Brand TP 2ply 24roll $4.49(limit 4)
Everyday Market Tuna 170g .59 (limit 4)
Dole canned juices 12cans 2/$7(limit 4)
Christie cookies or crackers 3/$5($1.66 each!!)limit 6
If you spend $50 you get 20X the Optimum points. They also have a spend $50 get $10 off coupon! So, that works out to 20%.
All week long
Spend $50 get a $10coupon.
Colgate toothbrushes .99
Large White Eggs $1.99
Dempster's Whole Grain Bread $2.49
Buy 50 or more 4X6 and pay only .10!!!
Del Monte 100% juices 10X200ml $1.99
Happy Shopping and Saving!!!