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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Week's Sales

We are back home after 3 weeks in Hawaii. It is good to be home, it was a fantastic trip.


pork shoulder picnic whole
.95lb / 2.09/kg

no name® canola oil
100% pure, 3 L
fresh romaine lettuce

seasoned pork tenderloin chops or rib end chops
bone in CLUB PACK
$1.88lb / 4.14/kg

Ziggy’s® Internationale ham
Black Forest, honey maple or old fashioned, sliced, pre-packaged CLUB PACK
.89/100 g

pan bread
white or whole wheat, unsliced, 4x450g club PACK
each $3.89
no name® cheese
selected varieties (excluding extra old), 907 g Limit 4, after limit 9.28 each
each $7.98
pork loin chops
bone in, frozen, rib & center or sirloin & center
$1.88lb / 4.14/kg
fresh McIntosh apples
product of Canada, fancy grade5 lb bag
each $3.48
no name® vegetables
selected varieties, frozen, 2 kg CLUB PACK
each $3.48!!!!
Parkay margarine
soft or quarters, 1.36 kg Limit 4, after limit 5.89 each
each $2.99
PC® Honey Nut Oat O’s cereal
1.35 kg CLUB PACK Limit 2, after limit 8.19 each
each $5.79
no name® flour
all purpose, 10 Kg Club PACK
each $5.48

no name® pickles
selected varieties, 2L CLUB PACK
each $3.68
fresh navel oranges
product of U.S.A., fancy grade Navel Considered the world's finest orange for eating. Easy to peel and segment.
.46lb / 1.01/kg
fresh Russet potatoes
product of Canada, no. 2 grade20 lb bag
each $3.86

Quality Greens Jan 27-Feb 1

California • Broccoli Crowns$.79 / lb
California • Sweet Navel Oranges5 / $1.00
Imported • Large Roma Tomatoes$.69 / lb
Imported • Eggplant$.99 / ea
Imported • Sweet Red Peppers$.99 / lb

Old Town Farm Market Jan 27-Feb 1

Red,Yellow,Orange and Green .99/lb
Broccoli .79/lb
Roma Tomatoes .69/lb
Zucchini .59/lb
Cauliflower .69/lb

IGA Thurs Fri Sat

Granny Smith Apples 5lb $2.49
Compliments Peanut Butter 1Kg $1.99

Happy Shopping!

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You have a cool website and great eye for deals.