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Sunday, October 30, 2011

London Drugs Stimulus Pricing

My daughter is taking a photography course and this is one of my favorites! The autumn colors she captured are amazing!

Hubby has been saving his birthday and Christmas money for quite sometime in order to buy a new TV. While shopping around the past few months we came across London Drugs' stimulus pricing. They have great discounts on TVs on Saturdays and Sundays. These are unadvertised sales and we have seen that they make the difference of several hundred dollars below the lowest price we found. If you are in the market for a TV be sure to check out London Drugs on the weekends!

Friday, October 28, 2011

I've got lots of apricots!

These lovely apricots were picked at a friend's house. Thanks again Geneva!
As soon as I picked them I just sliced them in half, froze them on cookie sheets, and then popped them into freezer bags. I was thinking how nice it would be to make a sauce to go with pork chops.
 Here's what I made.

Apricot Sauce for Meats
10 or so apricots(this is so not an exact recipe)
1/2 onion finely chopped
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp cayenne
Taste as you go, add more of any spice you like to get the right taste.
Put it all in a saucepan. Bring to a gentle boil then turn down to low and cook slowly for up to 2 hours. It has a tangy tart taste that is an excellent sauce for meats, but I loved it so much I ate it plain for lunch. Serve hot or cold! Enjoy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kraft Products

This is a fun coupon! It expires Oct 29th(Saturday)so you'll have to hurry. I saw them at Cooper's in Rutland as soon as you walk in the door on a board above where they have the store flyer. They are valid only at Overwaitea, Save On Foods, or Cooper's in Western Canada.

Here's another Kraft offer. Click on the link if you decide you would like to try this it costs $9.95 plus your province's taxes. This is what I am getting(I chose Chips Ahoy!)

Chips Ahoy! MiddlesChocolate Chip280g$ 3.59$ 0.00
Chips Ahoy! MiddlesDouble Chocolate280g$ 3.59$ 0.00
Triscuit Thin CrispsCheddar & Fine Herb225g$ 3.19$ 0.00
Triscuit Thin CrispsApplewood Smoked Barbecue225g$ 3.19$ 0.00
Kraft Dinner Smart mac ‘n cheeseFibre200g$ 1.79$ 0.00
Wheat Thins StixPizza226g$ 2.99$ 0.00
Trident SplashGrape with OrangeN/A$ 1.39$ 0.00
Trident LayersPeppermint + SpearmintN/A$ 1.79$ 0.00
Trident LayersCool Mint + Melon FrescoN/A$ 1.29$ 0.00
Trident WhiteWintergreenN/A$ 1.29$ 0.00
TridentHydramintN/A$ 1.79$ 0.00
TridentHydracitrusN/A$ 1.79$ 0.00
aMOOza! Twists cheese (coupon)Mozzarella-Cheddar252g$ 5.79$ 0.00
Philadelphia Dill Cream Cheese (coupon)Dill250g$ 3.99$ 0.00
Pure Kraft Salad Dressings (coupon)Ranch or Caesar355g$ 3.99$ 0.00
what's cooking magazine$ 3.50$ 0.00
TOTAL VALUE: $ 45.00
Shipping & Handling: $ 9.95
GST: $ 0.00
HST/PST/QST: $ 1.19
You Pay: $ 11.14
If you want to do this you'll probably need to hurry as it is a limited time offer!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've got lots of eggs!

Thanks to my mom and dad!!! I've got lots of eggs! My oldest daughter made this cookbook and made us Chicken Caesar Crepes one day. They were delicious so I thought I'd share the recipe with you.  First off I doubled the recipe above, as one batch only makes 4 crepes. I used setting 3 on my glass stop stove to cook them just right.

Meanwhile I had some chicken that I had precooked, warming.We spread some Caesar salad dressing, a little grated cheese and Parmesan, as well as the chicken and some salad greens, then we rolled them up. Serve them with a salad or soup. Yum! It's a great busy night supper as you can premake the crepes(this takes less than 15 minutes) and precook the chicken.

Thanks for this great supper B! Love 

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

25 Air Miles

 Just got this email. Sign the Healthy Lifestyles pledge and get 25 Air Miles!

Takes all of 2 minutes.
What are you saving up for?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blackberry Problems????

Have you had trouble with your Blackberry? As of tomorrow, Oct 19, Blackberry(RIM) will be offering Blackberry users free apps. There is a list on their press release, here. Supposedly there is up to $100US worth of free apps which will be available Oct 19- Dec 31. There are some games as well as some neat speech to text apps. Worth checking out if you have a Blackberry.
RIM is also offering one free month of technical support. Must apply before Jan 17,2012. Kind of nice to see this in the day of very little customer service. Looks like Blackberry is trying!

google blackberry apps

I've Got Lots of Potatoes!

My parents came to visit for Thanksgiving. They brought gunny sacks of HUGE potatoes! Thanks Mom and Dad!

America's Test Kitchen's Oven Fries
Peel potatoes and cut into wedges

Soak in HOT water for 10 minutes(this makes them crispy on the outside and tender on the inside)

Drain and dry the fries.

Cover 2 baking sheets with foil. Put 4 Tbsp oil on each sheet. Take your dried fries and toss with 1 Tbsp oil. Spread fries on cookie sheets, season.

Cover tightly with foil and move your oven rack to the lowest position. Heat oven to 475. Place foil wrapped fries in oven for 5 minutes. Remove foil. Continue to bake for 15-20minutes. Rotate pan after 10 minutes. Use metal spatula, scrape fries and flip. Bake until golden, 15-20 minutes longer. Rotate pan as needed.

Place fries on paper towel and serve! Thanks mom and dad!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Buying a Fridge

Last week I was out of town. While I was away my fridge quit! Hubby tried to fix it but it looked like it was going to be an expensive part. Once again we were thankful to have a little emergency fund left, as this qualifies as an emergency! As I said I was out of town and hubby was home. He shopped around home while I shopped in Surrey. I learned that BC Hydro gives rebates for energy efficient appliances.

This is from their website:
Refrigerators must be at least 25% more efficient than the federal standard.

 While shopping I learned that until the end of Oct, the usual $50 rebate for qualifying fridges, from BC Hydro, is doubled at Future Shop and Home Depot.(for a complete list of all the store deals with double rebates look here .) There is an area where you can check all the brands and models to see if they qualify here . It wasn't easy to find one that qualified AND fit my spot!
Turns out that finding a fridge to fit in my spot was WAY harder than I thought! At Home Depot online they took my measurements and out of all the fridges they had only 4 would "kind of" fit my spot! Turns out
fridges have become taller over the years! So, thankfully I have a handy hubby who was able to take out my cupboards above where my fridge goes. Once we could handle more height our options were increased!
Next problem was color! I have white appliances right now, but I was encouraged to go stainless steel. I wasn't sure what to do about this as I don't want to replace all my appliances(unfortunately I will have to, but I don't want to rush it!) and I wasn't sure if it would look really strange(like it would be the first time something at my house looked strange! :) .
So, I arrived home on the Friday of parents and brother and his family were on route to BC. The first night dinner was at our house! Thankfully, hubby had narrowed the shopping down to 3 stores. The first was Wagner's Appliances, which has scratched and dinted appliances. They had the same fridge I had been looking at in Surrey, but for a considerable discount as it had a bit of a wow in the front panel. (It is hard to see and can only really be picked out if you are really looking for it.) The next 2 stores had similar fridges for lots more money, and only one year warranty(Wagner's gives 2!) I just couldn't see spending more for gadgetry(digital water outside the fridge..wouldn't those be fun buttons for kids!) that I just don't need. These fridges were going to double the price! We went back to Wagner's. They threw in delivery and old fridge removal and were able to deliver that afternoon!
So, I went shopping and hubby went home to unhook the old fridge and wash behind it(isn't he a gem!). By the time I got home the new fridge was in place, running and full of food! A happy ending!
Imagine my surprise when I got home and checked the BC Hydro website and found my new fridge qualified for the rebate! And to top it all off, Wagner's does airmiles! So, that's a nice little bonus.

In summary.....Ways to save on appliances
1. Shop around(even if it's quick because your much needed appliance dies). Our fridge died on Wednesday and hubby did coolers until friday!
2. Only buy what you need, try to ask yourself if the bells and whistles are what your family really NEEDS. If you think you can't live without them, then that is what you need.
3. Have an emergency fund....emergencies happen whether you have one or not...having one saves stress :)
4. Look for rebates, buy back programs, or sell your old appliance for parts???
5. Pay cash(or if you are a points or cash rebate credit card carrier use it but pay it off before it's due)
6.Another option is to buy used, but be sure and do your research before buying.
7.Ask other people about their fridge and what they like and don't like

PS. If your fridge is still working BC Hydro will buy it from you for $30!

Friday, October 14, 2011

This Week's Sales

We were in Surrey last week. This is one of the times we were at the beach!

This Week's Sales

It's been slim pickings for great grocery deals lately! Time to use what we have!


Lean Ground Beef $1.98/lb
Campbell's soups 2/$1 limit 6
Red and Green grapes .96/lb
Bag of Red peppers 4 in a bag $1.98(it's cheaper to buy them at .99/lb)
Suey choy .48/lb
Blade Roast $2.28/lb
NN Pasta 900g $1.48
20lb Red potatoes $4.96

Shopper's all week eggs are $2.19
Sun Mon only(16-17)
Colgate toothbrushes .88
Colgate toothpaste .88

I added the flyer below for those of you who are visual! In the middle of the flyer you can see that if you buy a carton of Silk beverage you get a box of Kashi cereal free. This is at all the grocery stores, so if you already use Silk it's a bonus! Details are on the Silk carton.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hurry for $5 worth of free Kernels popcorn

Do you like Kernels popcorn? We do! It makes a great gift too. Usually, we don't buy it very often as it is expensive, but right now FabFind is offering a FREE $5 gift card for Kernels just click here. FabFind is in some major cities in Canada, but not all, however this doesn't affect you being able to join. I just used Vancouver as my city and signed up no problem!
Now, if you want to do this you need to be REALLY!!!!! patient. Every screen is EXTREMELY slow to load! At the time of this writing there were around 4000 free gift cards left.
Do you have an Entertainment book? In ours there was a buy one medium bag of Kernels popcorn and get one free. Use your gift card to pay and get 2 bags cheap! Now, if this is too much hassle for you, you can make your own at home for a fraction of the cost of the regular price! I blogged how to make microwave popcorn here

Tuesday, October 11, 2011