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Friday, October 14, 2011

This Week's Sales

We were in Surrey last week. This is one of the times we were at the beach!

This Week's Sales

It's been slim pickings for great grocery deals lately! Time to use what we have!


Lean Ground Beef $1.98/lb
Campbell's soups 2/$1 limit 6
Red and Green grapes .96/lb
Bag of Red peppers 4 in a bag $1.98(it's cheaper to buy them at .99/lb)
Suey choy .48/lb
Blade Roast $2.28/lb
NN Pasta 900g $1.48
20lb Red potatoes $4.96

Shopper's all week eggs are $2.19
Sun Mon only(16-17)
Colgate toothbrushes .88
Colgate toothpaste .88

I added the flyer below for those of you who are visual! In the middle of the flyer you can see that if you buy a carton of Silk beverage you get a box of Kashi cereal free. This is at all the grocery stores, so if you already use Silk it's a bonus! Details are on the Silk carton.

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