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Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Week's Sales

Canadian Tire Oct 31 only
Scottie facial Tissues 136sheets .50
limit 6
Save On Nov 1-7
Lean ground Beef 5lb Tube $1.49/lb
Eye of Round Roast Super warehouse Pack $2/lb!!!!(I have never seen it go this low???$2.98/lb is the cheapest I have ever tracked)
Regular Ground Beef $1/lb(5lb tube)
So this brings up the question, which is cheaper lean or regular ground beef???
I found this calculation on
Canada has guidelines for the amount of fat allowed under each heading
Regular 30%
Medium 23%
Lean 17%
Extra Lean 10%
To see a great article on why regular ground beef could be better for you than the leaner varieties go to
The calculation is the cost of the meat X 100 then divide by the percentage of fat. So for our on sale regular ground beef it would be $1.00 X 100 =100/30=$3.3333
The lean would be $1.49X100=149/17 =$8.76
So as you can see the regular is cheaper.....All that being said, I still will buy lean or extra lean to make homemade hamburgers as the burn factor wastes money too!
Salmon Fillets WF 454g $3.99
Green Onions 2/$1
Kiwi 3/$.99
Romaine .99
Large Cantaloupe $1.46
Asparagus $1.88/lb
Onions 10lb $3.28(you can cut them up and freeze them in Ziploc to use later
Fresh Grape Tomatoes 340g $1.98
3 count bag of Romaine $1.46
Ziggy's Extra Lean Turkey Breast .98/100g
Extra Foods has the coupons for Mon and Tues only. Save 15%off $100, 12% of $50, and 10% of $25 They have pretty much the same sale flyer
Sun and Mon only...Colgate Toothbrushes .88 each limit 4
Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Week's Sales

Roses from the 50% off flowers at Extra Foods!

This week at Cooper's they have chicken legs for $1/lb(last week when they had the whole chickens they limited them in the store, 4 per customer)

IGA (Tues,Wed,Thurs only)

Stewing beef $2.69/lb
Romaine lettuce is .69
Cabbage .39/lb


NN batteries AA 40 for $10(.25/battery)
Large Pumpkins $1.97
MW Kraft Dressing 1.5L $3.98
NN Chub of Pepperoni, Salami or Summer Sausage 1Kg $3.98
Celery .77
Feta Cheese 1Kg $11.99(less.75 in store coupon)


20 pack of socks $9.88

Nesters Market(wish I lived closer for their daily sales!!!)

Every Sunday 3lb bag of Spartan Apples .87!!!
Monday Black Forest Ham .97/100g
Tuesday Campfire Bacon $1.97
Thursday garlic bread .97
Saturday Chicken legs .87/lb!!!
Pumpkins free with purchase!
Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Again, thanks Kerry for the great photos!

25 % Off one item at Chapters! Just give them your email address(or addresses if you need more than one coupon)

Must provide email by Oct 31 Coupon is good Nov 1-30. Happy book buying!

Friday, October 16, 2009

This Week's Sales

Thanks Kerry for the wonderful pictures!! This was taken from the Mission Hill Winery over Thanksgiving.

IGA right now has BC potatoes 15lbs for $2.99!!!! Thanks Jo-Ellen for letting me know!

Superstore starting 17th of Oct

Lean Ground Beef $1.68/lb
Neilson's Yogurt 3/$1
NN Salad dressings 475ml $1.50
Secret Deodorant $1
Bagels .33
Celery .76
Romaine .78
Kiwi 1Kg $2.98
Dole salad kits and baby blends 142g-361g $1.99
Hot House Tomatoes .76/lb
Fresh Suey Choy .48/lb
Limes 3/$1
Radishes or Green Onions 3/$1
NN Soups(Tom,Chicken Noodle,Cream of Mush,Veg)3/$1!!!

Coopers starting Oct 18

Grade A Frozen Frying Chicken $1/lb!!!!

Save On starting Oct 18

WF Yogurt 3/.99
Stewing Beef $2.99/lb
Plantation Rice 8Kg $8.99

Costco online photo center has 25 free 4x6s for signing up for an online account.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today Only Sales

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!

A quick post to let you know there are some screaming deals today at Shoppers.
Life Brand TP 24 rolls $4.99 limit 4
Christie cookies and crackers $1.49 limit 4
Everyday Market Sugar 2kg $.99 limit 4 !!!!!
Maxwell House Coffee 925g $4.69 limit 4
Everyday Market Tuna 170g .49 limit 4
Large White Eggs $1.59 limit 2
Life Brand Mouthwash 1L $1.77 limit 4
Everyday Market Cheese 540g $4.99(all week sale)
Breyers Ice cream 1.66L-1.89L $3.99(all week sale)

Plus Saturday only at Shoppers, when you spend $50 you get 20X the points, which equals more free stuff later!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flight Sale!!!

There is an amazing flight sale with WestJet right now. You must book by
Oct 8. $49 tickets to quite a few destinations.
Happy Flying!!