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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mail In Rebates and Making Money

The insert that came in our free paper yesterday was filled with new mail in rebates(MIR). I love to use these to get free products and to make money. Here's some tips. Right now there are 7 free product MIRs and 2 B1G1 MIRs. How do you get these if you don't get the inserts? There are several ways. One is to buy your local paper with the inserts inside. The other is to see if there are online printable forms. Click on the name of the rebate to go to the form.

                                                                    Air Wick                                                                                                                      

 To start it's important to read all the fine print. 
1.Date of purchase: When does it start and end. Some MIR come out a few days before the purchase date. So double check. Sometimes I hang onto MIR for awhile waiting for a good deal to combine them with, 20X the points at Shoppers or an Airmiles deal so it's important to see when they are expiring too. The Lysol, Finish,Durex and Veet need to be purchased by May 10. 
2. How much is the maximum you can spend?
Veet $23.55 (covers product,taxes and postage)
Durex $27.29 and $18.09 (covers product,taxes and postage)
Lysol No Touch $17.90(covers product,taxes and postage)
Air Wick $12.50(covers product,taxes and postage)
Finish $8 (covers product,taxes and postage)
Resolve Gold Oxi-Action $7(covers product,taxes and postage)
3.Do you need to circle the purchase price? Do you need to write the UPC code on the receipt or cut it off and attach it?
4. Don't forget to fill in the MIR form.
5. Photocopy you receipt and filled in form for your records
6. Mark on your calendar the day you mail it and how much you should receive back. There are lots of apps to keep track of MIRs if you prefer this method.
Now a few extra notes. Most MIRs want your original receipt so you can only do one MIR per receipt. Also, some MIRs repeat many times a year. For example the Lysol No Touch, I do it every time it comes out and have not had any problem. It looks like the Finish rebate is 3 seperate offers for $8 back as you can see the mailing addresses are all different.(one is box 13444, 13437, 13450) so you should be able to do this three different times. I have often used coupons in combination with MIRs. Again be sure to read all the fine print.
Next to make the best use of your MIR why not combine them with a points event? This weekend Shoppers is having their spend $50 get 20X the points. The VEET MIR could possibly be almost half that! The way I figure out how much points are worth is: I use the maximum redemption which these days seems to have fallen to $200=95000 points $21.05 if I spend $50. So, if I were to spend $20 on the Veet I would get $8.42 back in points. Rexall has a spend $50 get 80 Airmiles this week. The coupon is here   I use Airmiles cash so this is worth. $8.42. There is a grand opening points event at our new Independent store, if you spend $60 you get 6000 in PC Points($6). So, as you can see there are many ways to make your MIR go further. Do you do MIR?