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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Photos and 25% off at Chapters

Costco is offering 60!!! free 4X6 photos to new online photo members. Must have a Costco membership, click here.
Get 25% off at Chapters in store Aug30-Sept 30! Here's the link.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Tex Mex Cheese

Thanks to a new fellow frugal friend I learned of this fun deal. Right now you can buy a kit for the hard tacos, it has the shells, the sauce and salsa for $3.47(that was at Superstore). I looked at Walmart and didn't see any. Inside there is a coupon for either a free 200g bag of Kraft Tex Mex Cheese or $6 off the 380g bag the next time you purchase another Old El Paso kit. The 380g bag is $5.99 right now at Superstore. So, a taco kit and a bag of shredded cheese for $3.47, not bad. The coupon is good until January 31,2012.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Cereal

It's on again....$5 credit cards when you purchase Kellogg's Miniwheats, Frosted Flakes or Fruit Loop.(that's all we saw, maybe there's more?). Last time they did this the cereal was $4 :( . You can buy unlimited amounts at Save On for $4.99 a box. At Superstore they are $4.97 but there's a limit of 2. For a refresher on the fine print read the last post I did on it here.
Once you mail away for your maximum of 5 gas cards and then you receive them you can use them at any store for anything, not just gas. The gas seems to be the most complicated way to use them.
Also, a little you ever need a credit card online to sign up, or do something? You can use this one! I have done it, it's quite nice if you don't really want to give your credit card number out.
Also, there is a chance you'll win $500.
Maybe you will be the one who wins the $500!!! Please let me know if you do!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bonus Airmiles

This came in a mailing from airmiles.You may remember my post about  bonus airmiles and Shell a little while back. At that time they offered 100 airmiles(our free movies and popcorn and pop gift certificates are on their way!) if you filled up 4 times with a $30 purchase each time. Now it's 50 airmiles and you need to spend $40 4 times. Last time I found it worth it as it worked out to $18.84(movie coupons)for 100 airmiles. This time it works out to $9.50. According to my calculations if I did what I usually do(fill up at Superstore)I'd get $5.69 in gas bucks for the same $160 spent. On top of that my credit card pays me 5% on my gas purchases so that's another $8. So from my point of view I would save(or make?)more($13.69-$9.50=$4.19) by doing what I always do. Plus, I wouldn't have to make 4 special trips to Shell.
It's always interesting to see how it all works out, according to your circumstances! Maybe it will be beneficial for you?

How's it going???... and back to school sales....

Hubby took this picture while we were on a hike!

It's a funny thing, a make friends all over the world, people you've never met. You share information about whatever you are passionate about. It's tough to know how much to share as it is such a wide open space....I always enjoy hearing what's really happening and so I will do to you as I would like done to me. It has now been a month since hubby's work place shut down. He was eligible and we applied for unemployment insurance, right away. In the meantime he was asked to do a couple of jobs in his area of expertise. It was piece work. He claimed it on his EI reports and everything that might have started came to a grinding halt.  His file is now in review and whether or not he'll get benefits is unknown. I feel frustrated with the system, punishing honesty. It would have been easy for them to just subtract the few dollars made from the few dollars he was going to get, but it seems like the message is don't even try to work. Anyways, I don't want to rant, the subject makes me ranty(I have decided this should be a word!)....Here again I am thankful for an emergency fund. Dave Ramsey always says don't rely on the government, ever. So, our first month we managed to live on his last paycheck! That was happy! Now we have 3 full months of monies left. We are putting some stuff on Castanet and Craigslist, that frees up space and money!
 His work is quite specialized and there aren't many companies in our town, but he's contacted them. Some have shown interest in giving him contract work if he had his own set up. Something to think about. I think I stressed in a post earlier, how awesome it is to have an emergency fund, but I'll say it again...stash teensey bits away each will add up, you'll have wiggle room if something happens. Wiggle room is really nice.
Back to School Sales are starting!? Staples has some great deals.
Hilroy 80 page coil ring note books are .15(limit 6)
150 pack of lined paper is .19(limit 6)
Exercise Books 4pk .25
See their flyer for more

Costco has a screaming deal on blank photocopy paper 800 pages for $5.19 until Aug 7
Bic Pens 56 pack $4.49