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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bonus Air Miles

I am posting this because IF you get it(not sure how they decide who gets it)you may decide to throw it out without looking at it first. It came in my mailbox and looked like an envelope of junk mail. I opened it and inside was this. Now, before I decided to blog it, you can see I did a little figuring on it. I wondered, how much are airmiles worth anyways? Well, if you use them for the entertainment vouchers, for movie nights out, here's how it tallies up.
Cineplex movie night out for two package 175 airmiles
Actual value? 2 Admissions $9.50x2=$19.00(these are based on the prices at our Cineplex)
One regular popcorn $5.99
Two regular pops $3.49x2=$7.98
Total cost $32.97
So, these free 100 airmiles are worth $18.84
Now, normally we buy our gas at Superstore and get gas bucks. So, if you figure out about 24 litres per fill(to spend the $30)and you do that 4 times then you would have received $4.32(4.5cents/litre). So, now the $18.84-$4.32=$14.52 actual value
Option Two:Let's say you went on cheap Tuesday. This same package would cost $18.98(you get an extra popcorn as it's 50% off)
Option Three:Finally, you could go to Costco and buy the Cineplex Entertainment Package for $24.99
So basically, all told it looks like you would profit about $14.52 to fill up 4 times at Shell. If this looks good to you, I hope you get it in your mail box!

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