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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

15,000 Aeroplan Miles, Dec 4th only

Aeroplan and Rexall are teaming up to give you 15000 points if you change over your prescription on Sat, Dec 4! My brother emailed me this morning to let me know, THANKS!
I always thought that Aeroplan cards had fees, but I was wrong. You can easily get a card here.

If you are willing(and have any prescription, it sounds like it doesn't have to be an on going one)to switch you can get yourself 15000 Aeromiles. Hubby and wife both can get a free card and if you both have prescriptions, viola 15,000 points each!
So, what can you get for those Aeromiles? Looks like about $100 worth of gift cards. It says it's good for a flight(you can click on the chart or any of the pictures to see a bigger version)Short Haul(not sure where that is)in Canada. Of course, you have to pay the taxes and that long list of other stuff...But, still, not bad!

The fine print:

Offer valid at participating Rexall/Rexall Pharma Plus locations only in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, North West Territories and Manitoba. Members cannot earn miles on prescriptions in the province of Ontario. Aeroplan Miles will be credited to your Aeroplan account within 10 business days.

$25 Chapters Gift Certificate for $10

This looks like a fantastic deal! Kijiji is offering this as a daily deal. $10 for $25 gift certificate. That's a 60% savings.It is for online purchases. The only thing I couldn't find was an expiry date. If you do let me know. Hopefully it works like a gift card and doesn't expire. It is only available for a total of 24 hours and as you can see there are only 14 hours left. Nice gift!
I got my email confirmation saying I would be able to print it after the deal closed.

Chapters online phone #1-800-832-7569 I talked with a man here and he said he doesn't think there is an expiry date for gift certificates, just like gift cards.

Ok! I learned more! Only one gift card per account!

Monday, November 29, 2010

And my children will teach me.....

The other day we needed a scientific calculator for math. I remember buying one years ago when they were $75!!! So, we are in the store and in a hurry. I see one at the end of the aisle for $15 with limited time offer(buy quickly!). I grab it and am ready to bolt! My girl says," Mom let's go down the aisle, remember end of the aisle isn't good!"(ha! I told her that, have I forgotten??) Long story short, she only needed certain functions on her scientific calculator. The math teacher had stressed that they only needed one that did these things and no more. She found the same brand just less functions(less complicated??) for $8.97!! Well, as far as I am concerned after paying $50 for a used one many years ago, $15 was great! But, $8.97 is even better! Remember(and hopefully I will next time)end of the aisle is usually not the best place to find good prices and bolting can be costly!

Friday, November 26, 2010

This Week's Sales

This Week's Sales

Safeway Nov 27-Dec 3

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $2.99/lb(4Kg box $26.36)
refreshe soft drinks 2L .77

Cooper's Foods Nov 28-Dec 4

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $2.99/lb(4kg box $26.37)
Field Cucumber .79ea
Stewing Beef $2.99/lb

Shoppers Nov 27-Dec3

Stamps are going up in price to .63(they are at .57 now)in 2011. So this deal for 10% off a 10 pack of stamps is a good one!
Life Soft Drinks 2L .99
Everyday Market 170g .69

Save On Nov 28-Dec 4

WF OJ 1L $1
WF Specialty Beans 540ml $1(it is cheaper to cook them from dry, but this isn't a bad price)

Nov 26-28 only Onions 3lb .79 !!!! First 2
Ragu Pasta Sauce 680ml-700ml 4/$5 $1.25 ea first 8

Walmart Nov 26-Dec 2

Coke or Pepsi 2L $1 limit 6
Charmin TP 16 doubles $7.97
Green Peppers .88/lb
3Pack Romaine Lettuce $1.50

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I got today!

Going to the mail these days is fun! Here's what I got!A coupon for free package of Stayfree. You can check this post out by just typing in Stayfree in the search bar at the top left hand corner of this blog, right beside the orange Blogger sign.
A coupon for a free box of it's been quite awhile since I requested this so my memory is fuzzy, but I think this was an email I got from Kashi. You can sign up for these kind of emails here.
The 2 $5 gift cards are for Walmart and they are because of a Glade Rebate. Which is still available until Jan 14th. The deal is spend $15 on Glade Products and you get $10 in gift cards for Walmart or Loblaws if you mail in the rebate form and your receipt.

Choices Market has Organic Bananas for .48/lb
Quality Greens 24-29
Cabbage .39/lb
Large Lemons 3/$1
Limes 5/$1
Rutland's Cooper's is having their Grand Re Opening Nov 26-28
Regular Ground Beef .99/lb
Huggies sizes 1 to 6 $9.99(first 2)
WF Soft Drinks 12 X 355ml 5/$10
Now that Christmas is getting close the stores are trying to get your business! Here's an example
Home Outfitters has Spend $50 get $20. From now until Dec 2 Spend $50(before taxes) and you'll get a $20 money card which you must spend between Dec 3-16. Limit one card for every $50(not sure what that means??)
Mark's Work Wearhouse has a card on their flyer for Spend $50 save $10 Nov 24-Dec 15
Reitman's has a Spend $50 get $25 until Dec 24. The $25 saving card is redeemable on a future purchase of $75 from Jan 30-Feb 26, 2011
Zellers is having moonlight madness from 6pm- 12am this Friday Nov 26. If you spend $80 you get 60,000 HBC Rewards(I get my HBC points transferred to Air miles, so this would be 30 airmiles :(

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 Months Super Channel Free

We are presently subscribed to Shaw. We have a 6months $9.95 HD package. While watching hubby noticed that they were advertising free Superchannel for 3 months. Today I called this number 1-888-472-2222. I was told I could choose from Superchannel which included channels 161, 162, 163, 164(in our area) or Movie Central which is HBO and Movie Central 1,2, 3(55,56,57,58). The man I spoke with said personally he'd pick Movie Central. I said okay. We talked about it costing $17 after the 3 month trial and he said I could call up in exactly 3 months and cancel(no prior notice needed). Then he wondered if I had anymore questions. I said I wondered about a show I had seen advertised on Superchannel, would I get it with Movie Central? He put me on hold and came back to say I could have the Movie Central Package for free as well as the Superchannel! This is another $17/month after the promotion period. Don't forget to ask! He also explained that I could use Shaw on Demand to watch tv shows and movie on Superchannel or Movie Central for free after it had aired and for 24 hours. I will have to figure this part out! New movies just released from the video store are $5.95 on Shaw on Demand.(at Blockbuster they are $4.99 plus tax, $5.60). Nice to snuggle in with all this cold!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Picasa and Free 2500 Optimum points

I was working on my free photo album and I thought I'd share a way to make calendar and photobook making easier. There's a free program called Picasa and it's awesome! Just download it and then when you have your library open you will see icons on the bottom that say upload, email,print, export, shop, blog this, collage, movie and geo tag. Just hit shop and a list of different sites that allow you to use Picasa are shown. I use Shutterfly. Highlight all the photos you'd like to upload and walk away!!! It's soooo much easier than the traditional way of one file at a time.

Want 2500 Optimum Points?
Call 1-877-888-5348. They will ask you to demo their upcoming prescription phone line. You enter your shoppers optimum card and listen for about a minute and they will give you 2500 points.(in about 4-6 weeks)

Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Week's Sales

I hope you can see the detail, this is our windshield beautifully frosted!

Winter is here:(

This Saturday at Shopper's

20X the points if you spend $50
Everyday Sugar 2kg 2/$2.49 that's $1.25/kg!! Limit 4
Maxwell House coffee 925g $4.49
Nature Valley Granola bars are $1.69 and smart source had a coupon for .75 off has one for .99
Life Brand paper towels 8rolls for $1.99 limit 4
Lay's Chips $1.88 limit 4

Walmart 19-25

Chicken 2 pack $12(be sure to look through them as they are all different weights. 6lbs or more is a good deal)
Mandarin Oranges 5lb $2.97
Pasta 900g $1
Pringles chips are $1 and there is a P&G Brandsaver coupon for .50 off (if you order these they come really fast)
Cottonelle TP is $5.97(12 doubles) there were $1 off coupons in the smart source flyer
2PK Lysol toiletbowl cleaner $4.47 there are 2 coupons for this from smartsource .75 and $1.00
Finish Powerballs Dishwasher Detergent $10.97 there is a $2.00off smart source coupon
I do not buy either of the 2 cleaners above, so I can't say if that's a good price

Rona has 15% off one item on Nov 20, Saturday only! You can buy up to 15 of the same item.

Update: I got the free photo book from Shoppers ordered today, but it was a bit of a job! They have now changed their homepage so that you can only click on the right one! You need at least 40 pictures for this book. Free shipping to the store of your choice! You have until Sunday to get this still.

Mid Week Sales

Here are the sales for Nesters. Remember the ones on the bottom end on Saturday.

Marketplace IGA has a 15lb bag of potatoes for $3.99
Saturday Staples is having some screaming deals
16GB USB for $9.99(limit 1 per family)
Paper 500 sheets $1.99(limit 2 per family)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've mentioned before that is a great site for coupons, as well as free things! Last night I was reading Smart Canucks and Andit posted(Thank you!)that the free Stayfree pads were available again. You can see a fantastic list of links here, be advised some of them may be expired. As you can see from my coupon area that I need to wait one day to reorder! Here's the link

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gas cards came!

Remember my post awhile back about the Kellogg's cereal $5 gas card? Well, they came today! 4 of them. You are allowed 5 per family so I sent the 4 in separately(this was part of the fine print) and in a 5th envelope I wrote for a no purchase necessary entry. Today I received a whole empty cereal box, with a sorry try again and another form to fill out for a $5 gift card.
So, in total, I bought 4 boxes of cereal at $4 each. I bought 5 stamps and will need one more for today's form.
I got $20 worth of gas cards, with $5 more to come!
It was fun for me to see that this actually worked as I have never tried it before.
I have activated all the cards and now comes the tricky part, redeeming them! I am told it's best to take it in at any gas station and leave it with them(I am going to bring all the rules to redeem Kellogg's sent me with my cards). Then you can get $5 worth of gas and go in and pay and start again, or you can leave them 2 methods of payment and fill up. I am told this is very hard for them to figure out and it's easiest if you do your $5 transactions separately.
Anyone else try this? Anyone win the $500???

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free Photo Book from Shoppers

Christmas present idea!!
Here's a great deal from Shoppers!
Sign up for a shoppers photo account and get a free 9X7, 20 page Photobook! Enter PHOTO at check out. Offer ends Nov 21,2010.
I'm off to sort through my pictures!

Friday, November 12, 2010

This Week's Sales

There are lots good deals this week!

Rexall Nov 12-18

Secret Savings Event Nov 12-14 you get 5-50%off your REGULAR priced items. The cashier will give you the discount when you go through the till.
I got 5% off, but only one of my items wasn't considered a sale item, even though it was in the flyer?!
Nov 12-18
Secret,Speed Stick, Old Spice Deodorants $1.44
Christie Crackers 225g-454g .99!!!no limit
Admiral Tuna 170g 2/$1
Cottonelle TP 12 Doubles $3.99(there are $1 off coupons from the smartsource flyer)
Coke and Pepsi 2L of pop are .99
Stamps are 10%off for a 10-12 pack
Rexall Brand Shaving Cream 350ml $1.49

Zellers has 15% off all over the counter pharmacy products Nov 12-Dec 10 this coupon is in the flyer. There also is a coupon for 20000 HBC points if you spend $20 at Zellers, the coupon says must buy items in the holiday flyer.

Save on foods Nov 12-14
Bananas .49/lb
Nov 14-20
Pork Loin Whole Boneless $1.89/lb
Green Onions and Radishes 2/$1
WF Plantation Rice 8Kg $6.99
WF Peanut Butter 2Kg $3.99

Walmart 12-18
Astro Yogurt 650g $1
Dr.Pepper, Crush or Mountain Dew 2L .99
Onions 3lb $1
Croissants or Bagels 3/$1
Sun-Mon only Colgate Toothbrushes .88 and Colgate Toothbrushes 75ml .88(good deal is you have the .75 coupon from

Superstore 12-18
Frozen Utility Grade Turkeys are .96/lb limit 1
Pineapples $1.97
NN Flour 10 Kg $5.96
Bulk bagels 3/.99
Broccoli Bunches .96 ea
Green Peppers 4 count bag $1.98

Remember the Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion I blogged about? I got the coupon for it already!

Safeway has Imperial Margarine 1.36kg 2/$6(limit 4) great if you have the $1 off coupon that was a door hanger a few weeks ago.

Kotex Pads 3/$9.99($2 off coupon if you buy $2)

Value Village is having their 50% off sale on Monday Nov 15 7am-9pm.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Freebies and 10% off at Zellers

Here's a freebie that is going fast! They originally had 1000 to give away and they were gone so quickly they reoffered with this! Hurry, so you don't miss this one!

Also, at Zellers Nov 13 &14 th get 10% off with this coupon!

Finally, McDonald's is offering free coffee Nov 15-28th.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Week's Sales

Quick! These deals are short lived. The peanut butter at Cooper's 2kg $3.99(limit 2)until Nov 6
Costco has the Catelli Spaghetti 1.81Kg $3.99 their sales end Nov 7.

Canadian Tire Nov 6 only Door Crashers
White Swan facial tissue 125's 2/$1
Comet 480g 2/$1

Flight Sales
Seems there may be a flight deal out there?
For West Jet(flights in Canada) you need promo code DES10 and coupon code 5SBKVQ3

Air Canada N4RA2Q61 if you are booking a Tango or Tango Plus flight for North America

Porter Airlines use SNUG20 to book a flight anywhere

Rexall Nov 5-18
They have sent out a coupon book in the mail. In it they promote brandsaver coupons and using them in conjunction with their coupon book(this is called stacking).Ihave never tried this, but I will!
Royale facial tissue 2 ply 132's or 3ply 88's .49
Rexall Paper towel 2 rolls .49
Christie cookies 170g-350g .99!!!!(limit 4)
Reach, Colgate or Gum toothbrushes asst, as well as Colgate toothpaste for kids 75ml .99
Gold Seal Salmon 213g .99(limit 4)

Shoppers Nov 6-12
Nov 7&8 only
Simply Foods 235g .99 limit 4
Life Brand Facial Tissue .59 limit 4
Stayfree and Carefree Pads and Pantiliners $1.99 limit 4
Everyday Market Tuna 170g .69 limit 4
Antibacterial Mouthwash $1.49
Life brand juice 10X200ml $1.99

Rest of the week
Milk 4L $3.99
Large White Eggs $1.99(limit 2)

Zellers Nov 5-11
Saporito Oil 3L $2.99!!!(says limited time offer)
Saporito Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml $2.99!!(again limited time)
Country Harvest Bread 675g $2.29

Bargain Shop until Nov 12
Campbell's Soups 284ml 2/$1
Canned Mandarin oranges 284ml .50
Nov 6 &7 only
Maltagliati Pasta 900g $1 limit 4

Superstore Nov 5- 11

Gas coupon buy $100 worth of groceries and get .10cents a litre off gas
$150 worth get .15
$200 worth get .25
Outside round roast AAA $1.98/lb
NN Farmer's Sausage $3.18/lb(Lowest ever for this brand and Superstore but Harvest at Costo has gone to $2.82/lb)
French Bread $1
Neilsen Yogurt 3/$1 175g
Fresh parsley or cilantro 2/1.00
English Muffins 6's $1

Rona Nov 6&7
For every $100 you spend you get $10 gift card
Chapters Nov 9&10
15% off for moms here

Vaseline intensive care! Free if you LIKE them on your Facebook account....why not open another Facebook account just for LIKING??? This link sends you to Vaseline's facebook where you need to answer 5 skin questions..when you are done you will be sent to have a free account to get the coupons).They will send you a coupon for $5.99 bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care.
Free 120z Seattle's Best coffee at Burger King fridays in November!