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Monday, February 15, 2010

Using Up Freezer Food and Modifying Recipes

This week as I menu planned, I was looking through my freezer and found plums! We have a plum tree in our backyard and this year it produced a bountiful harvest. I cut them in half, took out the seed and froze them in Ziploc of 2 cups. So, I was thinking, what could I make with plums that would be good in lunches and our ski hill suppers. I have this recipe for rhubarb bake, which we love, and I thought why not modify it and use plums instead?

So, I did and the result was wonderful!(I doubled the recipe to make this large cake pan full).In the process I learned that if you want to you can melt the margarine and mix it in, it doesn't seem to make any difference. Also, I didn't have any oranges, no problem.
Maybe other fruits could be used also?

This is an extremely easy, very tasty, recipe.

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