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Saturday, February 5, 2011

weekend only sales!

I had to quickly blog this to share the weekend only specials!
Save On Foods Feb 4-6 ONLY
WF Chicken Wings, frozen, 3Kg box for $9.99 limit 2, that's $1.51/lb!! Homemade Chicken wings are soooo yummy and easy! My hubby's recipe is as follows
Thaw the chicken wings overnight in the fridge. Cook them until slightly brown(we use a big plug in turkey roaster, but you can do them in the oven or BBQ)
Make up a yummy sauce! He uses a hot chili sauce and sweet chili sauce mixed together. He also does some up with just BBQ sauce for the faint of heart(the spicy ones make you cry!)Put the sauce on with a pastry brush and continue to BBQ or broil until browned! Serve with rice, or potatoes!

McCain Pizzas 347g-900g are $3.99 first 3
Pistachios 560g $6.99

Canadian Tire has a door crasher sale FEB 5 ONLY
Palmolive Dish detergent is $1.77 for 1.1L

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