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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Harvest time!

This time of year means lots!! Lots of fruit in our neck of the woods! Since moving to the OkanaganPosted by Picasathere was a lack of crab apples! In Alberta my neighbors had a tree and loved when we'd help them out by picking them. My aunt taught me to make wonderful, sugar free crab apple sauce! Well, it turns out my mother-in-law has these same beautiful red crab apples! I made sauce and then hubby said..what about fruit leather. So here's the finished product..isn't it pretty?! Good thing I took a picture as it's disappearing fast!
The cost? The dehydrator was bought used at a garage sale and the apples were free, so the electricity to cook the apples into sauce and the electricity to dry the sauce would be the total cost! Thanks mom and dad!


Heather said...

That looks so yummy, Sue. I haven't made fruit leather in years. you've made me want to make some again.

Happy Shopping Sue said...

Thanks really is a yummy treat!

Homeschool mom Sylvia said...

Hey Sue
This looks yummy. You'll be proud of me. A lady gave me a big bag of windfalls which I am going to make into applesauce or juice.