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Thursday, May 30, 2013


blog 054
Safeway's 3 Day Sale
Apple Juice is 12 for $6(limit 12)
Bananas are $2.99 for 5lbs
2L of pop are 5/$5 limit 10
blog 052
Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer are $2 each if you buy 4.
If this is an aerosol. which I think it is the coupon below makes it free!
Even better if you buy it on 10% off day this coming Tuesday.
blog 053
Coupon from insert

Monday, May 27, 2013

Passport Prices Changing July 1, 2013

Passport Canada fees are changing July 1, 2013.
Right now the fees for passports valid for 5 years are as follows:
Adults(16 and up)$87


Under 3 $22(valid for 3 years)

July 1, 2013 Fees
Adults(16 and up)
$160 valid for 10 years

Adults(16 and up)
$120 valid for 5 years

$57 valid for 5 years

Our passports have expired. We are going to renew our child's passport before July 1 which will save us $24.
Our adult passports we will wait to renew until July 1 as the new 10 year passport saves us $14/10 year X 3(people) or $52, but more importantly no renewal for 10 years! If we were to opt to only renew for 5 years it would cost $33 more dollars(than last year) for 5 years. However, at this new rate, if we were to only buy 5 years at a time, in the long run it would cost $80 extra dollars for 10 years per person! Our family would save $240 to buy 3, 10 year passports, July 1.

To sum it up. If your child needs a passport. It is best to get it before July 1. If adults need passports it is best to get them July 1 or later and opt for the 10 year passport.
We usually get our passport photos done at Costco. Right now they cost $6.99.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Energizer Max MIR

Starting Friday at RCSS there is a MIR for a $5 gas MasterCard (you can use it for anything, not just gas). The deal is buy a package of Energizer Max batteries, they are $7.97 this week, and get a $5 MasterCard  You can combine that with this week's Checkout 51 offer for $2 cash back on Energizer Max Batteries as well as this printable coupon.
It seems you could order more than one per household, you just need to mail the redemption cards in separately, so you'll need separate receipts.  There are 500,000 cards available.
$7.97(plus tax)
-$5 MasterCard
-$2 Checkout 51
-$1 coupon
You pay for the tax and a stamp.
The fine print is here.
We use rechargeable batteries at our house, except for 9V. They aren't part of this deal.

Energizer® Max AA 8, Max AA 12, 
Max AAA 4, Max AAA 8, Advanced Alkaline AA 8, Advanced Alkaline AAA 4, 
Advanced Lithium AA 4, Advanced Lithium AAA 2, Ultimate Lithium AA 2, Universal 
Rechargeable AA 4, Universal Rechargeable AAA 4, Power Plus Rechargeable AA 4 and 
Power Plus Rechargeable AAA 4

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Windex Update

Just an update on the Windex Rebate. It was super easy! I just took a picture of my whole receipt and sent it to them. They emailed me a confirmation code which I entered on their site with my mailing address. They emailed me back to say it would be here in 4-6 weeks!
 I bought 2 Antibacterial Windex at Safeway. 
 (plus tax)                                                              
  Total cost                                                         
 I used a buy one get one coupon                                   
 I got 15 Air miles which when used as cash are worth 
 I will get a  Mastercard                                                  
 Total made   
 Go get yours! :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Windex MIR Money Maker

Windex has an interesting MIR. 
Buy 2 of the 765 ml Windex products and then text or email your receipt here to receive a $10 Mastercard(they call it a SPA card). 
Fine Print:
 All requests must be received by the Sponsor on or before July 15, 2013 or while supplies last
 There are 14,400 SPACASH CARDS available on a first-come, first-served basis with submission of a valid request. SPA CASH CARDS expire on November 30, 2013
Read all the fine print here
There are buy one get one free coupons in the latest coupon insert. safeway has Windex advertised for $2.99 and Buy 2 get 15 Air miles. So, for $2.99 you would get a $10 Mastercard and 15 Air miles. Not bad! And, it doesn't even cost you a stamp! I like the antibacterial spray myself! :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Free Salsa or Guacamole

Happy Long Weekend! Needs some free salsa or guacamole this long weekend?Click here to print this $1 off coupon from Wholly Guacamole!This week at Walmart it's $1. Making it free!! We tried the spicy salsa, it was very yummy.....was....:)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Free Glasses

Need glasses? From now until Monday you can get your first pair free! Just get your prescription and enter FIRSTPAIRFREE at check out on the website. All you pay is the shipping which is around $15.

Friday, May 17, 2013

This Week's Sales

This week at 
The gas coupon is on again! Happy dance, our gas is 141.9!!!!
 Watermelons $3.96 
Corn on the cob .39 when you buy groups of 5
La Grille Spices are $2.87(Checkout 51 is giving $2 cash back)
Family Size Rice Krispies are $6.98(Checkout 51 is giving $2 cash back)
Iceberg Lettuce is $1
20lbs russet potatoes are $4.98
Tomatoes are .86/lb
I did almost all my shopping at Superstore today. My cashier was amazing! She took coupons, price matched(even produce) and let me separate  orders for my Checkout 51 accounts! Then, she went above and beyond and saved me a lot of hassle!!! So, nice to have happy shopping stories!
 Below is a picture taken of Superstore's price for this Veet system. The company is offering $15 MIR and there is a $10 coupon on smartsource . I noticed that Shoppers has this system on the front page of their flyer for next week. They are 20% off and you get 5X the points. Might be something to use this weekend with the surprise points offer???
photo (5)
Save On
This weekend only Armstrong Cheese 700g $6.99 limit 2(there are $1 coupons from a  magazine and .75 coupons on the SmartSource site.
This weekend only Alcan foil 25" is on for .99(Checkout 51 is offering .50 cash back)
Corn on the Cob 5/$2
Reactine 3s $3.29(Checkout 51 is offering $3 cash back)there are coupons to print also here . This is a money maker.

Honeydews $2
Iceberg Lettuce $1
Old Town Market
Zucchini .59/lb
Quality Greens
Spartan Apples .59/lb
Green Cabbage .49/lb

Free LaGrille BBQ Sauce

Want free BBQ sauce? This week at Cooper's Foods Clubhouse LaGrille BBQ sauce is 2/$4 for the 473ml size(you can just buy one for $2). Checkout 51 has $2 off any LaGrille product, making it free!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bacon Pancakes!

blog 007
I was on Pinterest the other day when I found this recipe! Bacon inside of  pancakes, is there anything better?
So, I was inspired to try them this morning! First, I did the bacon(to perfection) on my new to me George Foreman grill! Then I substituted our pancake recipe for the pancake mix in the original recipe.
Pancake Mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil
2 1/4 cup milk
Mix wet together
3 cups flour
2 tsp salt
1/2 cup sugar
3 1/2 tsp baking powder
Mix dry together, add to wet, mix just until combined.
blog 003
Of course I didn't have everything! I thought the mayonnaise squeeze bottle I kept had a large pouring spout, but it didn't!  I improvised and used my pouring measuring cup. They aren't perfect, but they are still tasty. I poured a long line of batter onto a preheated(375) frying pan. then I pressed the cooked bacon piece into the batter and poured a thin line of batter over the  bacon. Then I just continued to cook until done! So, yummy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Fun

blog 007 I noticed that Smart Betty has a few summer activities you might want to do. Today they have 50% off H20 day pass.
 On May 31 they will be selling Atlantis Water slide tickets for $11 for the day.
 Enter the Promo code SUPPORTKELOWNA by June 1 and get $5 off any Smart Betty purchase!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Checkout 51 for April

blog 003
I thought it might be fun to keep a record of what I bought each month with the Checkout 51 app
I wondered if it might be interesting to some of you to see what I got and how much I saved.( I am secretly hoping you will get Checkout 51 and start saving too! They have it for both Android and Apple now!)
So, for the month of April I bought the following(remember we have 3 accounts in our home)
3 Kraft dinner smart .49 each
2 Cheemo perogies $1 each
1 Dr Oetker's Pizza $1.38
1 Reactine made $1.55
1 Bread      free
2 Europe's Best Frozen Fruit $1.50 each
3 Nutrigrain $1 each
3 Liberte yogurt .99 each
3 Natural Selections Sausage $1.24 each
1 Shreddies $1.22
2 Special K $1.88 each
Made $4 for 4 grocery receipts over $60
22 items purchased
Total Cost of Items $81.89

Total spent $15.97

Checkout 51 is constantly updating their app to make it work better. This past week there was an update so that we can view the offers off-line! So, fun! I no longer need to take screenshots of the offers before I leave home! This is a great app!

Garage Sale Purchases

We went to the big sale last Saturday! All of my family made it down from Alberta as well as my daughter from Surrey. We were 16 people in total! Laughing,shopping and making friends along the way, we were. The weather was absolutely perfect! We started the day with a contest! My mom gave us each $10 and challenged us to go out and get the best thing! 
Here's what I got. 
blog 018

Leather magazine holder $5
Flower Vase $1.50
Brita Filters(2 new)$3
Towels(3 sets of  1 bath sheet, 2 regular and 2 facecloths)$5/set, total $15
Purse $2
35 Place mats $6
2 Jugs, and Pretty wine bottle and a tin free

blog 026
Close up of the soft, thick towels!
blog 013
Brand new Crock pot $10! Hubby found himself a new, fancy corkscrew for $5. He also found a hand carved coffee table for $25. It's really quite amazing! 
blog 015
Fajitas press $10. I found the manual on-line and downloaded it! Love how fajitas turn out in this thing! 
blog 019
Really big George Foreman grill, $15. I have used this almost everyday since I got it!This is around $80 new! I found the manual for this one too!
blog 021
Hubby found some snowshoes, 2 sets for $20.
I know quite a few of you emailed me to say you were coming. Did you make it? Did you get some things on your list?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Free Red Box Today

Did you get a code texted to you today for your free Red Box rental? Mine's only good for today, so check your phone!

Reebee Flyer App

Do you wish you could look at flyers on your Apple device? There is a FANTASTIC app for that! Try Reebee. I  installed the app last week. I love having all the current and upcoming flyers all together in one place! All I did was enter my location and viola! Food flyers, department store flyers, and others, all at your fingertips! There is a Current section and an Upcoming section. Right now in my upcoming I have next week's Walmart, Superstore, Canadian Tire, Rexall and No Frills. It makes it pretty nice for making a shopping list! Now, some have had success price matching with this app, but some haven't. I guess I will still carry around the paper flyers for now. What about you?
The Android version is coming soon.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Needs Some Air Miles

Do you need some air miles? There are two short surveys one here and one here. One is worth 20 air miles and the other 15. This weekend get 50 Air miles at Shell. Details are here.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some Deals This Week and a MIR

blog 015
Save On and Coopers have cases of Campbell's tomato and cream of mushroom soups for  $5.98 this week.
If use the 3 of Campbell's buy 4 save a $1 coupons, you can get a case for $2.99! That's less than .25 a can! Olden day's prices!
blog 017
Old Town Farm Market has cucumbers 3/.99!!!!!
Bananas are .59/lb(or ripe ones are .50/lb)
blog 018
Superstore has
Vine tomatoes .88/lb
Watermelons $4.96
Romaine 3 pack $1.96

The stewing beef was marked down making it $2.80/lb!
The strawberries were also marked down. Working out to 94.5/lb!! I didn't find one bad  one!
blog 019
This plain yogurt was $1.24 for 750g!
blog 020
Walmart had mushrooms 1.5 lbs for $3.33
See below regarding the deodorant.
blog 014
Stone Wheat Crackers are $5.79
Yogurt is 2Kg for $4.99(sales on until May 12th if I remember correctly!)
Want to go to the movie cheap? Do you buy Lady's or Men's Speed Stick?
At Walmart there is a MIR form in the aisle display of Lady Speed Stick. They have  Lady Speed Stick on for $2.50 this  week, however if you have the Shoppers flyer you could price match their lower price of $1.99. Even better do you have the coupon for buy 2 Speed stick and get $2 off? So for $2.45(at 12% tax) you get 2 large deodorant and a free movie ticket!
Purchases must be made between May 1, 2013 and Sept 15, 2013

UPDATE!!!! My submission was returned! Seems on the back where it says THIS OFFER CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFER that means no coupons can be used.