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Friday, May 10, 2013

Garage Sale Purchases

We went to the big sale last Saturday! All of my family made it down from Alberta as well as my daughter from Surrey. We were 16 people in total! Laughing,shopping and making friends along the way, we were. The weather was absolutely perfect! We started the day with a contest! My mom gave us each $10 and challenged us to go out and get the best thing! 
Here's what I got. 
blog 018

Leather magazine holder $5
Flower Vase $1.50
Brita Filters(2 new)$3
Towels(3 sets of  1 bath sheet, 2 regular and 2 facecloths)$5/set, total $15
Purse $2
35 Place mats $6
2 Jugs, and Pretty wine bottle and a tin free

blog 026
Close up of the soft, thick towels!
blog 013
Brand new Crock pot $10! Hubby found himself a new, fancy corkscrew for $5. He also found a hand carved coffee table for $25. It's really quite amazing! 
blog 015
Fajitas press $10. I found the manual on-line and downloaded it! Love how fajitas turn out in this thing! 
blog 019
Really big George Foreman grill, $15. I have used this almost everyday since I got it!This is around $80 new! I found the manual for this one too!
blog 021
Hubby found some snowshoes, 2 sets for $20.
I know quite a few of you emailed me to say you were coming. Did you make it? Did you get some things on your list?

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