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Monday, May 27, 2013

Passport Prices Changing July 1, 2013

Passport Canada fees are changing July 1, 2013.
Right now the fees for passports valid for 5 years are as follows:
Adults(16 and up)$87


Under 3 $22(valid for 3 years)

July 1, 2013 Fees
Adults(16 and up)
$160 valid for 10 years

Adults(16 and up)
$120 valid for 5 years

$57 valid for 5 years

Our passports have expired. We are going to renew our child's passport before July 1 which will save us $24.
Our adult passports we will wait to renew until July 1 as the new 10 year passport saves us $14/10 year X 3(people) or $52, but more importantly no renewal for 10 years! If we were to opt to only renew for 5 years it would cost $33 more dollars(than last year) for 5 years. However, at this new rate, if we were to only buy 5 years at a time, in the long run it would cost $80 extra dollars for 10 years per person! Our family would save $240 to buy 3, 10 year passports, July 1.

To sum it up. If your child needs a passport. It is best to get it before July 1. If adults need passports it is best to get them July 1 or later and opt for the 10 year passport.
We usually get our passport photos done at Costco. Right now they cost $6.99.

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Thomas Watson said...

It's due to inflation.