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Friday, October 26, 2012

More Air Freshener Deals

Seems lately the deals are for air fresheners! This one from Air WICK.  The official mail in rebate form is  here. This would be a good one to combine with a 20X the points day at Shoppers. Purchases must be made between October 15, 2012 and March 31, 2013. Form doesn't stipulate that coupons can't be used.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Glade MIR

There is a Mail In Rebate right now at Loblaws stores. Spend $15(before tax) on any Glade products and get a $15 President's Choice gift card. There are some coupons out there. I had buy 2 get one free. My total was $16.93 and my coupon was worth $4.97 so my total before tax was $11.96. With tax my total is $13.99, so I make $1.01 on this transaction.
Mailed this away Oct 22. Received my $15 PC gift card Nov 26.

The fine print.....Purchase must be made between Oct 19- Dec 20, 2012. You must mail in your receipt with your glade purchases circled and the UPCs handwritten on the receipt. Also, fill out the back of the form above and mail it in. There are only 28000 gift cards available. Submissions must be received no later than Jan 20/2013. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. One per household.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Roses!! 9 for $5

Who doesn't like to receive roses??? Well, I don't enjoy them when they cost someone an arm and leg to buy them. But, 9 roses(with baby's breath and greenery) for $5...those I enjoy? It's especially fun to treat a few gals with a lovely bunch.Brighten someone's day..... Tomorrow only at Safeway you can buy a limit of 3 bunches. Go early as they sell out quickly...Last time my sister in law and I went and bought different colors and then mixed and matched them to get the bouquet above. They had this deal in  July and August...I am happy to see it's back! It even beats Costco's  deal of  24 for $17.99!
Also, for the Friday only deals they have the Lucerene butter 2/$5(limit 4) and Rye Bread 4/$5.  

Friday, October 12, 2012

Peanut Free Granola Bars for .50 and Free Orange Juice!

This week at Save On Foods they have Chewy Granola Bars on 5/$10. There is a coupon here for $1.50 off peanut free Quaker Chewy Granola Bars. You only need one coupon. That makes them .50/box, but that's not all, there's more! Buy 3 Quaker Granola bars and you get a free Trop 50 juice! Put your granola bars through first and your Trop 50 automatically becomes free on the registers computer.

The $1.50 off coupon is good until Oct 16.

Here's a copy of the receipt. As you can see the one coupon told the computer to take it off of every box of bars. After 3 boxes, automatically the OJ comes off.

Lysol No Touch MIR

The new Smart Source was in our free paper today(it is available all over Canada).

Inside are lots of coupons as well as this MIR. Just buy one Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System, between Oct 13 and Jan 11, 2013.
Fill out the official refund form, attach your original receipt with the purchase circled and the UPC handwritten on the receipt. Lysol will send you up to $14.99 to cover the cost of the product plus taxes and postage! Last year they had this offer and I sent in my purchase of $14.99(plus tax). 10 weeks later I got a check for $17.38. 

Sent mine in this year on Oct 22. On Dec 23 got a check for $15.16.
This is a great one to hang on and do on a Shoppers 20X the points day. You would now be down to spending $35 and would get at least 10000 points which is worth $26 at a Mega Redemption. Oh, and by the way, I heard that Dec 1-2 will be a Mega Redemption at Shoppers!!!
95000 points will be worth $250!
What are you saving up for????

The back of the Smart Source flyer....mmmmm.