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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mid week sales

This was the view from our room! It was absolutely worth paying $77/person extra to have a beachfront room! The sound of the waves at night was fantastic! The picture looks a bit blurry as the humidity was so high.

Screaming deal on Olive Oil!!! London Drugs has Cortina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L $3.33(2/$9.99)!!!! It has NEVER been this low! This deal is Sept 3-5th while quantities last and no rainchecks!

Also, Kotex Maxi Pads are $2.99 with their in store coupon, Aug 31- Sept 6

Those of you who got the Smart Source coupons last month have a $2.00 coupon when you buy 2. I am going to see if they take both.

Springfield Bulk Foods Aug 30-Sept 4

Quick or rolled oats are .11/100g

Chocolate Chips .35/100g!!! All the main ingredients for granola bars!


Corn on the Cob 6/$1.98

Margarine $2.99

Campfire Bacon 2/$5

Limes 4/$1

Old Town Market Sept 1-6

Red Peppers .99/lb

Romaine .79

Quality Greens Sept 1-6

Tomatoes .69/lb

Pears .69/lb

Broccoli Crowns .99/lb

Friday, August 27, 2010

This Week's Sales and Value Village 50% off day

Sunset just outside of Peurto Vallarta, Mexico!

We just got back from a wonderful trip to Mexico. More pictures to come!

This week at Superstore Aug 27-Sept 2

Spend $250 get a $25 gift card

Bananas .47/lb

Top Sirloin Steak $2.87/lb

Tomatoes .87/lb

PC Toasted Oats 1Kg $4.99

Pork Loin Centre Cut Chops $1.98/lb(lowest $1.68/lb)

Bok Choy .38/lb

Sweet Chili Sauce 800g $1.78(excellent on all meats!)

Fresh Chicken Drumsticks $1.98/lb

Green Peppers .76/lb

Corn on the Cob 6/$1.86

Green Onions 3/.99

Green or Red Leaf Lettuce .68

Celery .77

Watermelon $3.97
PC liquid Dish Soap 3.78L $4.99!!!!! limit 1
24 rolls NN TP $3.87!!!!Limit 1
Banana Boat After Sun(we like to have one in each bathroom!)$6.29 plus our Toys R Us has coupons for $1.50 off! Total $4.79(I am stocking up for next year!)

Nesters has tomatoes on the vine .68/lb and Back attached chicken legs, fresh .88/lb!!! Today(Aug 28 is the only day for these deals)

MM Meats has ready made chicken nuggets 2lb $5.99(on until Sept 2)
Save On Aug 29-Sept 4
Plantation Rice 8kg $6.99 !!!! limit 1
Romaine Lettuce .69
green onions or radishes 3/.99
Corn on the Cob 6/$1.98
BC Onions 10lb $4.99
Watermelon, seedless $3.99
WF Canned Vegetables 12X398ml $7.99(.67ea)

SUN and MON only Everyday Tuna .59 limit 4
Dole Juices 12 cans $3.33 limit 3
Aug 28-Sept3
Soft and Dri, Right Guard, Dry Idea Deodorants $1.49 each
Aqua Fresh Toothpaste 135ml .99
Milk 4L $3.99

Walmart Aug 27- Sept 2

Campbell's Chunky Soup 540ml $1.47 limited quantities

Value Village is having their 50% off day this Monday August 30th in Canada and Sept 6 in USA.

Aug 28th only at Toys R Us Free Thomas engine, print this coupon.
Free >Shiseido sample
Free Taster's Choice Coffee Sample here

Don't forget Sport Chek has up to 3 free skate sharpenings which ends Aug 30th.(Search Sport Chek in the toolbar up in the left corner of this blog)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blackberries and Fresh Produce

We are heading into 2 weeks of busy family time so I won't be posting again until the end of August.

This is a picture of the bounty I got yesterday! Jay's Berries in Lake Country has blueberries and blackberries, u-pick for $1.95/lb!! You can see the 2 flats of blackberries in the back, that was $17 total!(They are thornless)Call before you go 250-766-1117.Mmmm scones this morning!

The rest is the result of a free cukes sign on my way home! I drove in and the generous man, Al, showed me a wheel barrel full of cukes and told me they had gotten away on him! I took some....then he asked if I wanted an onion. LOOK at the size of it! Then he said you need some about some beets...oh, you must try the fresh corn!!! THANK YOU AL!! How very kind! I was able to pass some of this goodness on and we also had a nice veggie feast with my parents and brother and his family! Mmmmm garden freshness!!

Have a great couple of weeks!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flour Prices and Free Skate Sharpening!

I was recently told that there was a tv news story about flour prices being on the rise. I am not much into the doom and gloom or panic thinking that is often "newsy". I have, however noticed that when they say prices of food are going to rise, whether that be coffee, flour or sugar, they usually mean it! So, I would suggest you walk not run to Costco(I was there yesterday and their white flour is still just under $6 for the 10kg) or wherever you have found your brand at the best price and stock up a little!
Free Skate Sharpening at Sport Chek
I know why do we rush into the next season before this one is done? Frustrating...who knew you needed to buy swimsuits by the end of July otherwise they are put away?? Well, here's a freebie that you have to jump on before August 30. Do you even know where your skates are? 3 pairs per person free sharpening! That's a great deal! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vehicle repairs and tires

Even a household with one vehicle can be a costly thing. Ours needs tires! Sigh....Tires are an expensive, necessary, safety involved item! Now let me back up to say that part of our monthly spending plan involves saving for vehicle repairs. We set aside $75. I know it's not much,but it's what we can manage so that's the number!

This weekend as we searched the web for tires we could see $800-$1000 would be the minimum. We also needed some new rims and that was going to add close to the same amount again! We took a look at what we had saved...$483. Hubby headed over to Castanet and searched by tire size. He found a set and researched it further. It was a 10 ply which is a good quality light truck tire. The ad said the seller had 8 tires and 4 rims $300. Hubby went to see them and figured there was about 2 years worth of tire wear there. He asked if the guy would take $250, he said yes! Then it was off to OK tire to get them balanced, $55 and then an alignment(the mechanic showed the heavy wear on one of the tires was due to the lack of alignment), which might even stop the shake we experience when travelling 100km! Alignment cost, $85. So the grand total $390! That leaves us $93 and $75 will be added to that this month....Yeah! Gotta love when things fall into place and having a hubby who can take the time to research and shop for vehicle stuff. I know for some used tires is not an option but there is something to be said for creative thinking...what about checking online for sales in your area? What about seeing what coupons Costco might be offering(we have found that the guys at Costco are more than happy to let you know when the tires are going to go on sale!).What about checking your areas entertainment book to see if there's a coupon for tires?
The lessons I have learned?
1. Saving for things is important
2.Save what you can,even if it doesn't seem like enough
3. Think outside the box
What creative ways do you save money on vehicle repairs and tires?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This week at Shopper's

August 8-9 only

Sugar 2Kg $1.49 limit 4

Life Mouthwash 1L $1.77 limit 4

Lady or Men's Speed Stick $1.79

Zellers 6-12

24 Roll of Truly TP $3.99

Save On 8-14

Green Grapes $1/lb

Green onions or radishes 2/$1

Green Leaf Lettuce .69

Bunch Carrots .79

August 6-8 only

On the vine tomatoes .79/lb

Coopers 8-14

WF Margarine 1.36kg $2.99

Superstore 7-13

Gas coupon this flyer(can get it online at superstore site)

Buy $100 groceries get .10cents/litre off

Buy $150 get .15

Buy $200 get .25

Cascade TP 24 double rolls $6.98(there was a coupon in

NN Ice Cream $3.98 limit 1

French Bread is .97

Fresh Parsley 2/$1

NN Frozen Fruit punch 2/$1

NN Perogies 1Kg $1.48

NN Salsa 1.89L $4.48!!!

NN Vinegar 4L $1.97

NN French Fries 2.25Kg $2.48

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Microsoft My Money Sunset Edition and Free Book!

Microsoft My Money Sunset Edition Free!
Need a great way to organize and track your spending? Microsoft is offering My Money for free!
The catch? It won't be updated and you can't get support.
It is very straightforward to use and if it helps you to get a better handle on your finances, wow is it worth it!
My Money Plus Sunset Edition Deluxe
My Money Plus Sunset Home and Business

Also, a free book! Social Marketing for Dummies is available in ebook or print here.