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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Freezing Milk

Today in the Event Paper(pictured above) which is a free paper we get delivered to our door, this coupon book was inside. Don't throw it out if you ever go to Lakeview Market, or even if you don't!
Walmart will take this coupon for a $1 off of their milk!

Here's the coupon for $1 off milk. The nice thing is is it's
good for the whole month of March so you could just
keep it in your vehicle for the next time you are near Lakeshore. Their Landmark Milk is usually
around $4.79, so with the coupon you'd pay $3.79! Olden day prices!! :)
Already have milk on hand, but want to take advantage of
this special? Why not freeze it?I just did an experiment with a small amount.I froze it in a large cottage cheese container.Making sure to leave space for it to expand.
When I defrosted it(the reason I did a small amount was A)to try it and B)so it would defrost fairly quickly). I put it in my mix master and re-stirred it all together. Then I gave each of my family members a glass, asking them how they liked this milk(they didn't know it had been frozen). Everyone said it just tasted like regular milk!!! Worried about the expiry date? Just figure out how many days until it expires from the day you freeze it. Write that on your container. If you are planning to freeze a whole 4L jug, be sure to take off 1 1/2-2 cups first, and allow it to defrost for at least a day in the fridge(it may take longer). I think I will freeze mine in glass canning jars next time. I would do this for 2 reasons. 1) so it defrosts quicker and 2) so I can just shake it up in the jar!

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