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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scenery and Stories......

I was having a photographic moment the other day! Can you see the moon

It came up sooooo fast!

It was a gorgeous sunset too!

I know it doesn't look like it's coming up that fast, but it really was!

While you are waiting for it let me tell you some stories.
My daughter got her free glasses!
They came in her mailbox!
She loves them and she can see!
Now it's your turn! Make sure your glasses
prescription is up to date and you know your pupal distance.
Go onto Clearly Contacts site and upload a
picture so you can see how those frames look on you.
Then watch for the give away!
They had another one today!!!
Hopefully, I will find out sooner next time so
I can post it for you. Once I hit publish post
it can take up to 24 hours before it hits
your email if you are a subscriber.

Aren't you glad you waited.....

Okay, so let me tell you a secret. I was at London Drugs and everything......
but still I didn't do the coupon stack that I showed you in the
last post. Why not???? I'm a big chicken!(I told myself that I don't love
that brand...which is partially true, but I am also a chicken!)
I don't love the part where I have to explain to a manager how
their coupon policy works!
It is similar when Shoppers have their 20X the points and
the cashier insists I won't get the points when my coupons lower
the total below the minimum!(I actually have a receipt I carry around that
says EXAMPLE on the top, showing that I did get the points!)
So, tomorrow I am going to try and be brave!
London Drugs has the Kotex on for $2.99 and you get a free Lindt chocolate bar.(maybe the chocolate is making me braver??)
As you can see there are 2 coupons for Kotex. A $1 off one that
they mailed to me with a sample, and a $2 wub2 coupon from
Smart source(I think). So, if I take those and stack them it means
each pack will cost $1.49 plus. If I buy 4 I will end up with 4 Lindt bars(which I will promptly eat) which I will keep for my family! :)

I am watching all my grocery household spending in a different
way this year. It all started in Dec with the Mega redemption and
taking pictures of all I got.
I started thinking....being such a visual person, what if I took photos of everything that came into my house in a month!
It's a whole different story than just keeping the receipts!
So, I did that for Jan. I posted some of my shops for you
to see, but I took pictures of all of  it!!!
It is eye opening! It's Feb 9th and I have spent right around
$150. I bet I will be able to come under budget with this method!
Want to join me?
You can open a free blogger account and keep it all private, or
you can go ahead and publish it. Either way I bet it will help us
see what we are buying!!! Let me know if your game!

Our Valentine's!

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