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Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Week's Sales

Very fun inexpensive way to buy these Kotex for $1! Watch this video
explaining how! Thanks to Jacob and Jenelle
from Extreme Coupon Canada!
I went to London Drugs's site and printed their policy.
I plan to take it with me just to be safe!
At Walmart French's mustard is $1 for the 225ml. There was a .75 coupon in
Smart Source. So a cute mustard for .25. If you don't have that coupon,
you can go to French's site to print a .50 coupon.
Thanks to MrsJanuary for that heads up!

Again at Walmart, the Catelli Pasta is $1.
There was a .75 coupon, so 375g of
Healthy Harvest Pasta is .25!

This week at Extra Foods they are having
Family Appreciation Days on
Monday and Tuesday.
Pineapples are $1.96!

20 lbs of potatoes are $4.96.

TP is $3.97 for 24 rolls, or 16.5 cents per roll! Limit 2.

NN Soup is $4.78 for 12. Limit 4 That works out to .40/can!

Bags of grapefruit are $2.86 for 5lb(57/lb!!!)

Springfield Bulk Foods has popping corn for .19/100g!
Discount days are Tuesday and Thursday.

Safeway is having 10% off day on Tuesday.
Boneless skinless chicken breasts are $2.99/lb.
With 10% off it makes them $2.69/lb.
The minimum to spend is $35 in order to
get 10% off.
I have a bunch of FPC(free product coupons)
as well as 50% off Purex TP from airmiles.
I plan to use my Chapman's $5 off coupon.

Oven Joy Bread is $1.29 a loaf.

Shoppers drug mart has Royale TP
24 roll for $5.99. This is a coupon from
go coupons. This makes this toilet paper
just under .21/roll. The 3 ply is the same
price for 12 rolls. Maybe you got the coupon
for $2 off the 3 ply? I can't see the exact size
to figure out it's cost, but less is more for our
house!(I find the thick tp causes toilet plugging

The eggs are still on for $2.29. Remember websaver has $1 off egg coupons here.

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