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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I Learned and Great Deals Today!

So, I went shopping today and learned fun, new things!
Walmart takes competitors coupons! Who knew?
So, the coupon for milk I talked about in this post, you can use
at Walmart! I was charged $3.65 for my milk. The Black Magic chocolates were a  screaming deal!
They say they are on sale for $1.50 at the door, but they ring in as $1.30!
Use the $1 off coupon
from the Carnation Hot Chocolate and it's .30!!!!

Crazy flash....sorry!

The 12 double rolls were on for $5.47, so with the coupon from Lakeview Market it was $3.47! This is .14/roll!!!

Total Walmart shop $22.67
Here's the coupon for the milk again. You can see the paper it was in in
this post

At Superstore I found out they price match Lakeview Market! I had the newspaper
with their ad in it and they have the margarine on for $2.98(no limit)! 
The Purex TP was on for $6.98 and just had a $1(maybe they still do?)
so this came to $5.98 for 15DBL rolls. It's not as good
as at Walmart where it is  $5.47 for 24. If you used this coupon you'd get it for just a little over .18/roll. So, if you have this coupon, use it at Walmart, not Superstore.(I went to Superstore first and needed TP and I was hoping they would take competitors coupons. They don't.)

Total at Superstore $38.30.

Quality Greens has Fuji and Mac apples for .49/lb!!!
Red Peppers are .99/lb.

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