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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Physician's Formula Mail in Rebate

Physician's Formula has mail in rebates again.
 Last year I blogged about them here
The forms are here 
I like this make up, but it's quite expensive normally. The mascara was $17.99! 
I got some free ones last year(the eyeliner and mascara) and I'm still using them!
This might be an idea for a teen girls present?? Or a stocking stuffer for your wife?
I sent this in Feb 29th and got the cheque May 9th.

This week(last day is Fri, Feb 24) Shoppers has Physician's Formula
make up for 40% off.  Combine this with the rebates available and
the concealer is free! I paid $8.95 and I will get back $9.

The Eye booster 2 in 1 lash boosting felt tip liner is$ 2.19
after $9 rebate.(sale price was $11.19).

Sent the MIR Feb 29th and received the cheque May 9th.

The pH Powered Lip gloss is free! I paid $8.95 and will get back $9 back. Be sure to check out all the rules. You need a separate
receipt for each MIR. This is an important step!
They each have their own rebate # for example PH 22. 

 The upc codes are particular and posted on
the site. What I did was I printed off the forms of the things I wanted and then I wrote the qualifying bar codes on the back
of my rebate form.
 For those of you here, I went to the
Orchard Plaza store and they didn't seem to have anything
except the lip gloss, the Rutland store, however, is fully
stocked.(It's a stand up display at the back of the makeup area, very close to the stock room door.)
So, why not wait until 20X the points? Well, the prices go back up
40% so the concealer will be close to $14(or maybe more)
 so you'd be paying
$6. You'd get 2800 points instead of 70. If you wait to cash out until 95000 points give you $250, then these points would be worth
$7.36. So, technically you'd be ahead $1.36.
This Saturday will be 20X the points when you spend $50, but I can't see
going as there isn't much on sale and I'd rather it
be free or close to it now.
Hope you can get some! :)

Update: Starting today, Feb 24, Rexall has Physician's Formula
on 40% off all week!

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