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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've Got Lots of Pumpkin...Muffins

Thank you Jackie for sending me this recipe!!!
I used 2 cups of thawed pumpkin in place of the can of pumpkin and I used half a bag of butterscotch chips not a whole bag. They need to be baked about 25-30minutes if you are making full size muffins.

 These pumpkin muffins are amazing!!!!!
Do you have any pumpkin in your freezer??
Quickly, thaw it...
If not what about a can of pumpkin?

I altered the recipe by putting only half the
suggested butterscotch chips....and I am
glad I did! They are oh, so sweet!
And sooooo tasty! This is a keeper!
I made full size just like you did Jackie, which is
good and bad, cause maybe I'd eat less if they were
smaller? Probably not.....I can see some serious
exercising in my near future! 

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