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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Freezing Bananas

This past week at 10% off at Safeway they had bananas on 2lbs for $1.00.(That works out to .45/lb!) I bought them, we ate some and then I froze the rest.

I took off the peel and put them on cookie sheets. You can just throw them in the freezer in their skins, but it is far from appetizing when you defrost them and then try and get them out of the skins.

Once they are frozen I just put them in a large Ziploc. Most of my recipes seem to need 3 large bananas. With them prefrozen on the cookie sheet they don't stick together in the bag and they are easy to take out one at a time. Besides, they look nicer! Guess it's time to do some I've Got Lots of Bananas recipes.....What kind of banana recipes are your favorite? Any one have ones that take more than 3 bananas???


BarbLloyd said...

Hello Sue,
What I do with my bananas, I pull them out of the peel as well. Then Usually I rip them in half (because I like them in my smoothies and half is enough). I place them directly into freezer bags and they turn out great. Just noticed that the step of cookie sheet was an extra one that is not needed.

Michael said...

I wrap each one in plastic wrap, and then toss them in a ziplock. Later, I eat them frozen as snacks. It takes me much longer to eat a frozen banana than a fresh one, so it lasts longer, and it is a great "popsicle" substitute on a hot day. :)

Of course, covered in chocolate and nuts, they become "Banana Bobs" sold at theme parks, but that just adds unnecessary calories...and flavor. lol

Sue said...

Thanks Barb and Michael! Good tips! I just got a recipe from a reader for banana cookies...think I might do some baking today! :)

Anonymous said...
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