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Friday, March 16, 2012

Reading the Fine Print

I was looking at the Walmart flyer online last night. I noticed that the Black Diamond
Cheese was on for $5.97 for 340g-1Kg.
 I thought 1Kg that's fantastic! So, today after I
dropped off hubby(he works sooo close to Walmart!) I popped in and met up with my
favorite dairy manager again! I showed her the flyer and asked where I could find a 1Kg brick.
She said they don't carry that size just the 907g, and it wasn't on for $5.97. So, she went and talked to her supervisor and came
back and said I could have 2 of the 907g packages at that price and then they would issue a correction notice.  While it won't
help you if you live in Kelowna, it might if you live on the Westside or anywhere else in Canada. Take your
flyer with you and show them and see if they will let you have 2 at that price! Hope you get some!

Chicken Breasts in the $8/package bin were marked down 30% to $5.60. Make sure and
pick the biggest package so you get the best deal. Celery is .88. Grapes both red and
green are $1.47/lb(they are really tasty!). Cucumbers and .57. Red cabbage was .49/lb. Bagels are 5/$2.

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