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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Costco Deals

Don't you wish someone would go into Costco and take a picture of the deals and post them? Me too. Here's what I found tonight. The sales usually end Sunday, but as you can see by the sales tags some things go longer. This is for Costco west.
Chickens have a $2 off coupon. Remember, smaller is a better deal. I dug and found
the smallest one was $26.14. After the $2 off it works out to $2.26/lb or $4.98/kg.

Quick Oats 5kg for $6.49($1.30/kg)

Chipits are $10.99 for the 2.4kg($4.58/kg)

 Not pictured is the MJB coffee is $7.99 for the 1.36Kg. 
                    Bananas are 3lbs for $1.69.

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