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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Check the Pockets and Save Money....seriously

So, at first I thought that this little rabbit trail had nothing to do with saving money....but it probably does. I think I save a ton of money and useful items by following this advice.
This is the story of my life as the laundress, isn't that a fabulous word?? I had to look it up to see if I had spelled it right. It makes doing laundry seem kind of regal! Ha! Who knew?!
   When I do laundry I have a rule...FIRST: ALWAYS CHECK EVERYONE'S POCKETS. Then I zip the zippers, button the buttons and into the wash they go. Why do I have this rule??? Over the years I have found many interesting things in the pockets...little bits of paper with important notes on them, candy wrappers, with and without candy in them, screws, pens, crayons, lipgloss...flash drives...
Actually, the flash drive I found after I washed it! (It was in my pocket, by the way!). This was before the ALWAYS CHECK THE POCKETS rule was put into effect. The good news is it still works!
Not long ago my girl friend decided to see how an ipod touch would fair...(just joking it was an accident). Good news the ipod still works, it now has a really funky screen effect that might become a new feature if Apple saw it!
 A family member of mine(I didn't get permission to mention her their name before this posting) tried the same trick with an ipod shuffle....that ended sadly, seems the newer versions may fair better!

Maybe I should have titled this post, What you can and can't successfully wash??
The reason I wrote this post today was because as I fished in some one's pockets(doing my laundress duty)....I found a partial artificial, expensively made this is kind of a sad story as it means someone needs to go to the dentist and get major dental work done(which will cost lots of money)....Oh, well..... this post is my glass half full...laughing way of dealing with life...
What do you find in those pockets?????

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