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Friday, March 9, 2012

This Week's Sales

Lakeview Market has some great weekend sales! The Chippers are an good deal! $1.28 for 300g limit 4.(works out to $4.26/Kg)
The lowest I have tracked them at Costco(Chipits brand)is $4.25/Kg but that was more than
a year ago and they seem to be about $4.50 at the cheapest now.
Remember Walmart will match this price. They will also match any thing in these flyers that they carry as long as you bring in this paper. (It was in Thursdays Event)
The celery is .98 limit 4.

Bananas and Oranges are .58/lb. The 3lb bag of onions is .98.

Safeway has cases of Campbells soups for $4.98(which works out to .42/can)
Lucerene Ice Cream is $3.99 for the 4L pail. Ignore my writing that says Friday only, it doesn't apply to the ice cream.
FRIDAY ONLY Value Red Bacon is 2/$5! That's a great deal!

Superstore has NN English Muffins on for a$1. Might be a good combo with the
cheap eggs at Safeway, and the cheap cheese from last week! Add the bacon and you have
a big breakfast!

Suey Choy is .48/lb. 1Kg of garlic is $1.28.
Weekly Specials May 4th - May 9th
These are all the flyers I have so far, so I may do this in two parts again!

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