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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Making sense of Toilet Paper Prices

Have you ever stood in the toilet paper aisle and wondered, how do I make sense of all this? Well, I have! Double rolls, single rolls, 8 doubles, 24 singles, 16 doubles...etc... Yikes! 

I am hoping by writing this post we will figure out what's what when it comes to the ever necessary, tp!
These are 2 packages I bought recently. Now, there are 2 ways to figure this out. You can figure sheets per roll or rolls per package. The first thing to do is decide which method you prefer to use.
As you can see the actual sheet size(9.9cm x 10.1cm) in this comparison is the same. (Overall they seem to be this size, but you definitely need to check that this is true). Both of these are 2 ply. (I personally don't usually buy 1 or 3 ply. I think that 1ply is too thin and 3 ply is too thick, but this is up to each shopper). You can use all the calculations below for 1 or 3 ply if those are your preference.
Where the difference comes in is the sheets per roll. 

The Purex have 270 sheets per roll. 
The Majesta have 280 sheets per roll.

So, let's start by figuring out sheets per roll.  
You can  figure that out by multiplying the rolls,8 by the sheets/roll, 280. (8 x 280)
This means this package has 2240 sheets.
The Purex has 3240 sheets.(270 x12)
Now to figure out the cost of these sheets.( My kids have learned a trick to remember this, they say always take the money and divide it by the size).
This package cost  $3.47 after the $2 off coupon. So to figure out the cost per sheet, take the money it cost in total, $3.47 and divide by the sheets/package, 3240. The cost is .00107/sheet.
The Majesta was $1.99 after my $2 off coupon, making it .00089/sheet. To figure this I took the cost, $1.99 and divided it by the sheets, 2240. Now, is it just me or is it not that easy to eyeball these numbers and figure out the difference!?
The Majesta is cheaper.
The second method is to figure out the cost per roll.

Make sense? Clear as mud????

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