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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Beauty All Around......

It's spring break and I am excited to have 2 weeks off from schooling. My son said that he thought maybe he'd just take one week off. Being the nurturing mother I am I said, "You can take one week off if you want, but I'm taking two, so you'll have to teach yourself!"
Yesterday we had no snow and temperatures were to be in the double digits. This morning we awoke to LOTS of snow. It's absolutely gorgeous as it's heavy and makes beautiful designs on the trees. I thought I'd share some photos. Above is a solar garden light covered in snow.(I still enjoy these so much and always think of you, Ruth, when they change colors all night long!)
The Japanese maple...(.I think that's what it's called.)

The walnut tree looking regal.

This tree looks beautiful covered in snow.
Most of the year it throws, what I call, helicopter leaves all over the yard and deck....they are a bit annoying.
The grape vines covered in snow.

The bird feeder, where just yesterday a flock of finches tried a game of how many birds can fit on one feeder. They are fussy eaters and we laughed as we watched them spit out the
seeds they don't like!

My attempt at artsy photography.
Those of you who know us, know that our driveway is a bit of a nightmare...especially when
it snows! We are thankful that our vehicle is 4 wheel drive as we would be stuck otherwise. The sun is out and
so we are hopeful that the driveway will be clear shortly! I wonder who is going to shovel it???
Guess it's a baking day! Banana cookies anyone?

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