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Saturday, November 12, 2011

This Week's Sales and Buttered Chicken

Another of my daughter's pictures!
Some of you have emailed to say you want the Buttered Chicken Recipe I used in the last post. It can be found on Video Jug here
This Week's Sales
Superstore 11-17
Dan-O-Pak of Cashews salted or unsalted 908g $10.98 limit 4(you need to go to the International Aisle for this)
Chestnuts .98/lb
Bag of 5 Avocadoes $2.95
Fresh Suet Choy .48/lb
Fresh Bok Choy .48/lb
All Purpose Flour selected varieties 10Kg $6.98(limit 1)
Ragu $1.24 limit 2
Perogies 2Kg $2.98
NN Frozen Vegetables 2Kg $3.48
NN Peanut Butter 2Kg $4.98
NN Pasta 2Kg $3.28
Terra D Extra Virgin Oil 3L$14.99

Walmart 11-17
Gala or Spartan Apples .67/lb
Donatello's Pizzas 355g-775g $3
Celery .88each
Onions 3lb $1

Zellers 11-17
Christie Crackers 100-300g $1.69

Coopers 13-19
Medium Onions .39/lb
Green Cabbage .49/lb
Lots of BOGO

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