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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stamps on Sale

Do you, like me, have good intentions of sending Christmas cards??? You are going to need some stamps!

Stamps now have no amount printed on they don't expire, and when stamps go up in price....yours are still good!

This week at Shoppers you can buy your stamps for 10% off(limit 2 per transaction). Combine this by using a Shoppers gift card, preloaded with a money amount, and your Shoppers Optimum card and you'll earn points.(you need to buy the stamps at the front till not in the post office). Want to know more about the Shoppers Optimum Points program??? I am hoping to do a post in the next 2 weeks as I have done a little experiment this last's gone well! :)

Hopefully, with stamps...the cards will get sent????

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