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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Earn 50 Air Miles for Using Your Cash Rewards Miles at Rona and More

There are several Air Miles promotions out right now. I have attached photos of the Shell deal as well as the Rona deal  below. As you can see the Rona is the better bang for your buck if you are going to cash in cash rewards. I called about the Rona deal as it seemed to vague and to good to be true. They assured me it was correct but couldn't give me any details. They said I had been targeted by Rona to get this deal. I wondered if I could do it more than once. They said if there was nothing in the fine print saying one time only, go ahead. So, I went to Rona and picked up some shock for my pool and found bird seed(I am almost out!)in the clearance aisle! I asked the cashier if she knew of this deal and she said she did.(I am under the understanding anyone can do it).
 I did 2 separate transactions. The first transaction was $3.41 and the second was $2.31. I will get 50 Air Miles per transaction so in cash rewards 100 Air miles is worth $10.52. In the end I am up $4.81!
Just be sure to seperate your transactions into $10 redemptions to maximize your return!
Fine print says it can take up to 60 days to get the rewards. I have marked my calendar and will update this post when I get them.
Redeem Air Miles Cash Rewards get Air Miles in return, until July 14, 2013.
Until July 7, 2013, spend your Air Miles cash, get Air Miles in return.
Need to earn some air miles? This weekend at Shell spend $20 on gas and $10 in store and get 25 Air Miles.

Grad Photo Book For Free?

Do you have lots of beautiful grad pictures that you'd love to put together? Kulapix has a free 24 page 5X7 25" photo book free when you use the coupon code MRSJANUARYFREE at checkout.
You pay shipping and handling.
 If you want extra pages it's .30/page.
 Limit one per customer. Offers ends July 4, 2013.
 I am going to give it a go as I had a good friend take our daughter's grad pictures and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Saving Money on Cell Phones This Weekend!

Our middle daughter just graduated. She has decided it's time to get a cell phone. We went shopping this past week and were pleasantly surprised at the deals. I thought I would share in case you know someone who needs a cell phone! We ended up at Superstore after shopping other places. Our salesman, Wes, was very helpful. The first day we were there he laid out our options. When we went back the next day he was able to help us figure out the best plan. He mentioned it is the end of the quarter for the companies, thus the great deals. Note to self, June is a good time to get a new plan. Right now on select phones there is a $100 President's Choice gift card offer. As well, select phones are eligible for scratch cards. The minimum scratch card is $25 the maximum is $100. Some phones are eligible for 2 scratch cards. He showed us which ones and we picked a Samsung smart phone. The plan she wanted is $25/month for
200 Canada Wide Free Minutes
Free Canada Wide Evenings and Weekends starting at 6PM
Unlimited texting
50% off the 1st 3 months bill($12.50/month)

The phone is worth $205. Fido pays it down each month by $8.54! This means in 2 years it's paid off. It was one of the things that swayed us to Fido as the other similar phone companies would pay it out in 5 years! What does this mean? Well, instead of a contract there's just the phone to pay out. So, each month the amount decreases by $8.54 so that in 2 years the phone is paid. If you decide to change providers sooner you just pay out the remaining amount of the tab.
So, she got $100 right off the bat. Her scratch cards were $100 and $50 worth of gift cards! In the end her phone is paid for (we just gave her cash and bought the gift cards from her) and she got an extra $45!
This deal  supposedly ends this weekend, so check it out if you are needing a cell phone!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Checkout 51

blog 084
Do you have these two deals on your Checckout 51 this week?
The Saran Wrap is $3 cash back and at Walmart it's $2.78!
Kashi is $3.99 at Shoppers and there is a $1.50 coupon from
or this Websaver coupon here. Checkout 51 has $2 cash back. So, .49 for cereal!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Starbucks $5 for $10 Gift Card and Free Movie Today

Get a $10 Starbucks gift card for $5.
The deal is Toronto Groupon, but anyone can get it. The link is here .

Also, today I received an email from RedBox saying they are having their birthday, so to celebrate enter the code BIRTHDAY at your RedBox kiosk and get a free movie today only.
I haven't had much success with these one day deals, but I email them and tell them what happened and they send me a long(usually 45 days) dated free rental code.

McGavin's Bread 10 for $10

blog 002
All this for $10!
McGavin's Bread Basket on Harvey and Spall is having their 10 loaves for $10. I was in yesterday and the  employee said it would be over Monday. This is such a fantastic deal for bagels, bread, garlic bread, panini bread, hamburger buns, hot dog buns and pita bread. The selection varies day to day. I popped all of it in the freezer. I hope you can get some!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some Upcoming Deals

Healthy Essentials has a printable $1 off coupon for Carefree, Stayfree and OB. Starting Friday Rexall has a 3 Day Sale on these items, they are $1.99. Use the coupon and get them for $.99

Rexall also has staps 10% off this coming week.
Did you do the movie MIR for Lady Speed Stick? If not you could get a movie ticket for $2.98 this week if you buy 2 Speed Stick at Rexall. All the info is here.Remember if you decide to do this MIR you can't use coupons.
Rexall also has Covergirl products at 30% off. There is a coupon for $3 off Covergirl, so this could be a good deal.

In the Thursday Event newspaper their is a full page ad for Lakeview Market. The sales run June3-9th.
I usually price match at Walmart or Superstore as the market isn't close to us. Here's some deals I noticed
Bananas are .58/lb
WF Eggs are $1.98 for a dozen(if you still have the Get Cracking coupon you could use it)
Red or Green Leaf lettuce is .88
Russet Potatoes are $2.98each for 10lbs
Kale is .98(aunty Lynn)
Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Breasts are $2.99/lb or $26 for 4Kg box
Online at the Photo Center enter 15FREEPRINTS at checkout and get 15 free 4X6 until Aug 31
Red Seedless Grapes are $1.47/lb
Broccoli is $1
Cauliflower $2
Save On
Corn on Cob 5/$2
Minute Maid Frozen Fruit Punches are .59
Romaine lettuce is .86
NN Perogies 2Kg $3 limit4
NN Tricolor Rotini Pasta 1.81kg $3.48 limit 4
NN Salsa 1.89L $4.48 limit 2

Friday-Sun only
10Kg Roger's Sugar $8.99 limit 2


Here's a $1.50 off Green works coupon. Combine it with this week's Checkout 51 of $2 cash back when you buy Clorox Smart Tube Technology and you could get it free or make money! has some free product coupons. Hurry quantities are limited.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May's Checkout 51

This month's Checkout 51 purchases are shown below. It was a good month! As promised here's the update.

I will break it down by picture, but the total is as follows.
I bought a total of 48 items
Total Cost of Products $176.13
Coupons Used $37.30
Checkout 51 cash back $93
Total Out of Pocket $34.34

blog 040
The Bacon was $5.49 X3 less Ch51 $2 X3= $3.49 each
blog 042
The Europes Best Frozen Vegetables were $2.99x3 less $2X3 CH51=.99 each
The Smokies were $2.97X3 less $2X3 =.97 each
blog 057
We needed both these items so it was perfect timing when this showed up on Checkout 51!
Spider Raid $7.97 plus tax less $1.50 coupon-$3 CH51=$4.43
Ant traps $4.87 plus tax less $1.50 coupon-$3 CH51=$.95
blog 185
Angel hair fresh pasta, regular price was $5.49 less 25% off $1.37-10%off .41-$2 CH51
blog 181
The Celebration Cookies were $2 each but one was a SCOP  less CH51 of $3=$1 for 3 packages!
Bread was $2.47 each $4.94 less $3 CH51=$.92
The Twizzlers were a SCOP so I made $1.
Pickles were$4.97-.50 CH51=$4.47
blog 176
The Glad garbage bags were $5.26 plus tax less $3 coupon less $2 CH51=.89
The Mr Noodles were .25 each for a total of .75 
less CH51 of .50X3=$1.50
made .75!
blog 007
The Rice Krispies were $6.98(X3) less CH51 $2(X3)=$4.98
The BBQ sauce was $2(X2) less $2(X2) CH 51 or FREE
The Foil was .99 plus tax less CH51 .50=.60
blog 015
The Reactine was $3.29 plus tax less $3 coupon less $3 CH51
I made $2.55
The Green Works made .03
blog 004
The granola bars were $4.29-$2 store coupon-1.50 CH 51=$1.29(X3)
The Reactine I made $2.55 again.
 The spicy pepper was $3.27 less CH51 $2 or $1.27
blog 001
Greenworks $1.98 plus tax less .75 coupon less $1.50 CH51=made .03
Popcorn was $2.97 plus tax-$1- $1.50 CH 51 =$.62
blog 183
Twizzlers $2 plus tax less CH51 $1=$1.10
blog 004
The Ziploc containers were$4.47 but I Price matched LD for $3.49 plus tax
I had a $1 coupon less CH51 $1.50=$1.40
One of the glass sprays was a SCOP so I made $2 the other one was $2.97 less $1.50 coupon less CH51 $2 so I made .17
2 items aren't shown a 4 pack of 9V batteries which were $7.97 plus tax less $1 coupon less CH51 $2 $5.92
as well as a Green Works which I made .16
Finally, I got another $10 from my grocery receipts.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Best Buy Now Selling Personal Care Items!

There is an interesting deal available through BestBuy. Seems they have started carrying personal care items and right now they are offering $10 off when you spend $20.
 Use the code VIVA4ME.
Offer available May 31- June 13.
There is free shipping when you spend more than $20 also!
Something I am interested in is the Gillette Sensor razor cartridges as they are expensive and hubby is almost out. I am going to do some price comparing today and I will repost here later.
Update:After the $10 off I am only saving a few dollars on the razors, but a few dollars is a few dollars!
Wow! I ordered these on June 5 and they came today, June 7!
Total $14.98 plus tax for a grand total of $16.78. The cheapest I found them in store was $20.27(includes tax).
How about you, did you find something to use this deal for?

Covergirl makeup is 30% off. For example Lash Blast Mascara is $8.99 but once you add it to your cart it is $6.29.
Right now at Superstore Lash Blast Mascara is $6.87 and there is a $3 coupon. Plus if you shop today at Extra Foods you could get an additional 10-15% off!
All that to say it is probably best to check out the prices of the items you might like to buy and see if this is a good deal for you!

Quantities seem limited on most items.