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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saving Money on Cell Phones This Weekend!

Our middle daughter just graduated. She has decided it's time to get a cell phone. We went shopping this past week and were pleasantly surprised at the deals. I thought I would share in case you know someone who needs a cell phone! We ended up at Superstore after shopping other places. Our salesman, Wes, was very helpful. The first day we were there he laid out our options. When we went back the next day he was able to help us figure out the best plan. He mentioned it is the end of the quarter for the companies, thus the great deals. Note to self, June is a good time to get a new plan. Right now on select phones there is a $100 President's Choice gift card offer. As well, select phones are eligible for scratch cards. The minimum scratch card is $25 the maximum is $100. Some phones are eligible for 2 scratch cards. He showed us which ones and we picked a Samsung smart phone. The plan she wanted is $25/month for
200 Canada Wide Free Minutes
Free Canada Wide Evenings and Weekends starting at 6PM
Unlimited texting
50% off the 1st 3 months bill($12.50/month)

The phone is worth $205. Fido pays it down each month by $8.54! This means in 2 years it's paid off. It was one of the things that swayed us to Fido as the other similar phone companies would pay it out in 5 years! What does this mean? Well, instead of a contract there's just the phone to pay out. So, each month the amount decreases by $8.54 so that in 2 years the phone is paid. If you decide to change providers sooner you just pay out the remaining amount of the tab.
So, she got $100 right off the bat. Her scratch cards were $100 and $50 worth of gift cards! In the end her phone is paid for (we just gave her cash and bought the gift cards from her) and she got an extra $45!
This deal  supposedly ends this weekend, so check it out if you are needing a cell phone!

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