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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May's Checkout 51

This month's Checkout 51 purchases are shown below. It was a good month! As promised here's the update.

I will break it down by picture, but the total is as follows.
I bought a total of 48 items
Total Cost of Products $176.13
Coupons Used $37.30
Checkout 51 cash back $93
Total Out of Pocket $34.34

blog 040
The Bacon was $5.49 X3 less Ch51 $2 X3= $3.49 each
blog 042
The Europes Best Frozen Vegetables were $2.99x3 less $2X3 CH51=.99 each
The Smokies were $2.97X3 less $2X3 =.97 each
blog 057
We needed both these items so it was perfect timing when this showed up on Checkout 51!
Spider Raid $7.97 plus tax less $1.50 coupon-$3 CH51=$4.43
Ant traps $4.87 plus tax less $1.50 coupon-$3 CH51=$.95
blog 185
Angel hair fresh pasta, regular price was $5.49 less 25% off $1.37-10%off .41-$2 CH51
blog 181
The Celebration Cookies were $2 each but one was a SCOP  less CH51 of $3=$1 for 3 packages!
Bread was $2.47 each $4.94 less $3 CH51=$.92
The Twizzlers were a SCOP so I made $1.
Pickles were$4.97-.50 CH51=$4.47
blog 176
The Glad garbage bags were $5.26 plus tax less $3 coupon less $2 CH51=.89
The Mr Noodles were .25 each for a total of .75 
less CH51 of .50X3=$1.50
made .75!
blog 007
The Rice Krispies were $6.98(X3) less CH51 $2(X3)=$4.98
The BBQ sauce was $2(X2) less $2(X2) CH 51 or FREE
The Foil was .99 plus tax less CH51 .50=.60
blog 015
The Reactine was $3.29 plus tax less $3 coupon less $3 CH51
I made $2.55
The Green Works made .03
blog 004
The granola bars were $4.29-$2 store coupon-1.50 CH 51=$1.29(X3)
The Reactine I made $2.55 again.
 The spicy pepper was $3.27 less CH51 $2 or $1.27
blog 001
Greenworks $1.98 plus tax less .75 coupon less $1.50 CH51=made .03
Popcorn was $2.97 plus tax-$1- $1.50 CH 51 =$.62
blog 183
Twizzlers $2 plus tax less CH51 $1=$1.10
blog 004
The Ziploc containers were$4.47 but I Price matched LD for $3.49 plus tax
I had a $1 coupon less CH51 $1.50=$1.40
One of the glass sprays was a SCOP so I made $2 the other one was $2.97 less $1.50 coupon less CH51 $2 so I made .17
2 items aren't shown a 4 pack of 9V batteries which were $7.97 plus tax less $1 coupon less CH51 $2 $5.92
as well as a Green Works which I made .16
Finally, I got another $10 from my grocery receipts.

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