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Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Week's Sales

Shoppers Drug Mart
July 31,Aug 1&2 only
Everyday Market Tuna 170g .59 limit 4
Paper Towels 8 rolls $1.99 limit 4
July 31-Aug 6
4L milk $3.99
Colgate toothbrushes .99
Royale facial tissue .77 limit 4
Also Sat-Mon spend $75 and get a $20 Esso Card

Safeway July 31-Aug 6
Best Buy Cheese 720-750g(usually if you play the cheese game you can find way bigger sizes than these!Just keep searching.)$7.99
Lucerene Ice Cream 4L $3.99
Green Onions 3/$1
Green Cabbage .49/lb

Zellers Aug2&3
Allen's Juices 1L .79

Frozen Minute Maid Juices .57
Broccoli and Celery $1
Green Beans .97/lb

Superstore July 31-Aug 6
Cantaloupe $1.47
Country Harvest Bread 2/$4
Tortillas 2/$4

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This Week's Sales

Check out the colors in the sky!! Isn't it just incredible!!!

This week's sales..hmmm, summer in the Okanagan is BUSY! There are beaches to visit often, company to hang out with, and so much more! It's hard to fit a little blogging in! In the summer I find I tend to frequent the fresh fruit and veggie stands and use what I have in my freezer(as I already mentioned)as grocery prices are higher at this time of year.
One of my friends writes a fantastic blog on using yummy fruits and veggies to make fantastic things to eat! Check her out here
Save On July 25-31
4lbs blueberries $7.99! This is a great price. We are going to a upick that charges $1.95/lb! I love taking the kids and picking our own berries. To freeze blueberries just wash them, pat dry and lay them out on a cookie sheet. Put them in the freezer for a few hours and then freeze in ziplocs! Enjoy!
Green Grapes are .99/lb
Romaine is .69
McCain's pizzas are $4.99 465g-900g
If you get coupons from the pgbrand sampler, you'll notice there is a coupon for $1.00 off pert plus shampoo. This week it is $1.99 at Save On so you could get a 300ml bottle for .99.

Shopper's July 24-31
Eggs Large limit 2 $1.99
Butter $2.99 limit 4
Armstrong Cheese 340g $2.99

Safeway July 24-31
Frozen Boneless skinless chicken breasts $2.99/lb
Corn on the cob 12/$3.96
Did you know that at Safeway you can rent movies for $1.79?! It's one of those machines. We did it in Hawaii and found it worked well, there was a good selection of new releases, and it was convenient for us!

Cooper's July 25-31
Watermelons are $3.99

Zellers July23-29
Bleach 2.8L $1
Ajax 2/$1

Walmart July 23-29
Mastro Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L $5
Milk 4L $3.97
GV Bread 567g $1.67
GV Eggs Large $1.97
GV Butter 454g $2.97
Bulk Bagels 3/$1
McCain Pizzas 440g-540g $3.97(limited time)
Lemons and Limes .33(Sangria anyone?)
Romaine, Green or Red Lettuce .77

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Spa Deals!

Thanks Carrie for this great tip for Edmontonians! Girls if you need some pampering check this out! Forever Young Spa has a special grand opening deal for one month, 50% off all services!
For Example:
Spa Manicure 45 minutes
$29 now $14.50!!!
Wish I was there! Enjoy!
Forever Young Edmonton

366 Bulyea RoadEdmonton , AB
T6R 2B3
Monday - Friday 10-8Saturday 10-6Sunday 10-6
Bus 780 758 -Spas (7727)
Fax 780 757 -7727

Vacationing Inexpensively!

Where would I be without friends? Recently my friend Heather taught me the way of Trip Central. Thanks Heather! Trip Central is a Canadian online travel company. The thing I like about it is that the prices you see include all taxes and charges! Also, they have a list of Agents for every place you want to go, that have actually travelled to that particular resort. They are registered with TICO.

All inclusive vacationing can be a great way to go hassle free! The rule of thumb is $100/day/person is a good deal. So a 7 day vacation with air, accommodations and food, should be around $700/person.

To your left you see the home page of Trip Central.(you can click on it to enlarge it). Use the drop down menu to choose your departure city. I have chosen Calgary as it is the hub, and therefore has some of the best deals.

Once there I clicked on Mexico. Once on this second screen you need to choose how long, meal plan and star rating from the list at the top. The home screen shows you the lowest prices, usually no meals included and all star ratings. I clicked on all meals and 4 stars(probably a good idea to do 4 or more in Mexico). Once I did that you can see on this screen it shows all the places in Mexico to go, plus their prices over a whole year's time. I chose to see what travel would be like in August by clicking on AUG at the top across from the word MEXICO.

This brought me to this screen. Here you can see all the departure dates and the prices. It seems Aug 7th is the best price at $678. So, I click on Peurto Vallarta.

This final screen shows a list of the rooms available. Run of the House means anywhere in the complex. Beachfront is self explanatory. At this point it's a good idea to click on one of the dates to your left and then click on Supplier Site so you can see the complex. We also went on google earth. Ask some friends where they have gone. Google reviews about the resort. Check out Trip Advisor, and talk with the agent who has been there! When I did some research I learned that the beachfront rooms can be so busy that they get run down. When I spoke with the agent she said that the beachfront rooms had just been renovated! When I compared resort to resort, I found that some have one a la carte(restaurant with service)meal per one week stay. This one has unlimited! I also learned from the agent that upon arrival it is a good idea to book all meals( a la carte meals)right away. I also learned that for women anything goes for dress code to the a la carte, but for shirt or button upon, long pants, and closed toe sandals only! There was no mention of a shuttle from the airport and this particular resort is 28kms from the airport. Again the agent informed me that all shuttles to and from are included. Another thing to look for are the sports that are or are not included. If this is important to you choose a resort that includes them. When you click on the Supplier's sit e you see that this resort has all non motorized sports free. you might also be interested in the programs for kids, check to see what's free. When you go forward with the booking you'll be given the option to purchase different programs for kids. A safe for your valuables(passport, ID, wallet) is usually an extra charge. The agent was able to tell me that it costs $2/day. She also advised me as to how she deals with her valuables while on holiday.

Finally, as you go to book your vacation, there comes the matter of insurance. Check with your work insurance policy as it usually will cover travel medical expenses. If not call your local credit union. The insurance that is offered is RBC on the Trip Central site, it also is very expensive. Check with your credit card as lots of them offer medical insurance for free as part of your benefits. When I called our credit union I found we could get covered for $1.98/person/day. Trip cancellation insurance is pricey and doesn't usually cover cancelling except for medical reasons. I am not an expert in any of this so be sure to do your own research to be sure you get whatever coverage you feel comfortable with.

Once you enter your passport info(be sure to enter it just as it is on the passport as changing it will cost you). and your credit card your vacation booking number will appear. Write it down. Shortly you will receive a confirmation email from Trip Central. A week before you go you will get your etickets emailed to you. Happy travelling!

Friday, July 16, 2010

This Week's Sales

This Week's Sales
As you could see I didn't have quite enough time to post the sales last week.....This is the time of year it's good to work on cleaning out the freezer as it's not the best time to get lots of great deals. Here's a quick look at what I found so far....

Nesters July 14-17

Mushrooms .98/lb limit 5lbs
Drumsticks .88/lb
24 Roll Purex $5

Shopper's 17-23

Eggs Large $1.99 limit2
Everyday Butter $2.99 limit 4
Demster's Bread $2.49
Armstrong Cheese 340g $2.99

Superstore 17-23

Strawberries 2lb $2.86
NN Frozen OJ $1
Neilson Yogurts 3/$1
Mars Chocolate Bars 2/$1(chocolate bars can be frozen if you love to make yummy chocolate bar cake!)
NN Noodles 5/$1
Green beans $1/lb
NN English Muffins $1
Radishes 3/$1
NN Wieners $1.38
Pineapples $1.97 when you buy 2
English Cucumbers 3/$2.28
NN Corn Flakes 1.35Kg $3.48
NN Cheese 907g $7.98
NN Jello 85g 2/$1(even better deal is to buy the 1Kg and the Real Canadian Wholesale Club)
NN Ice cream sandwiches 12 for $4
NN Croutons $1
NN Rice Cakes or Rice Chips $1

Safeway 17-23

Old South Frozen OJ .99 when you buy 6
Romaine .79
Lucerene Ice Creams 2/$5
Cabbage .49/lb

Old Town Market 14-19

Corn on Cob 6/$2.99
Romaine .79
Cherry Tomatoes 3/$5

Quality Greens 14-19

Green Peppers .99/lb other colors $1.49/lb

Function Junction opens today!!! One of my favorite fruit and veggie stands opens for the season today. It was looking like they wouldn't be open this year as the highway has been expanded and their entrance seemed to disappear. Well, just drive a little up the road and you'll see a new way to get to your fresh fruits and veggies!! Yeah!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Free T-Shirts

Do you love free things? Where do you get your free things? I found several sites, but alot of them are American. Here's a free t-shirt! And here's some other ones.

Free Slurpees Today and ING pays $25 savings bonus!

Free Slurpees Today and ING pays a $25 savings bonus
Every year 711 has free slurpees on this seventh month, 11th day! You can have a 7.11oz slurpee if you are one of the first 1000 people today. After many days of 35+ degrees...maybe you NEED one?Speaking of slurpees, I made an interesting discovery. After battling the heat for several days( I love it, just sleeping is a bit challenging!)I thought to defrost some grape juice I had made last fall from our grapes. I added lots of ice and grape juice in the blender and blended it well. It was wonderful, no sugar added!(the kids wanted sugar, but it really was sweet on it's own!).Normally I use the juice to make jam and grape juice, but now I have another to try grape popsicles!Want to make some money on your savings? ING has a neat offer. Sign up to save $100 per month for 6 months, into your ING account and they will give you a $25 bonus, + interest(don't get too excited about the interest I think it's $2). You can open a TFSA or if you joined back when they had the opening bonus for children's accounts. It doesn't seem like alot but it took me less than 5 minutes to get it going for $27...not bad.If you are interested email me and I can send you a referral link.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Free Starbucks Coffee and This Week's Sales

Free Starbucks coffee! Just make a pledge to a greener environment!
You will receive your Free Coffee Coupon in the mail in the next two to four weeks.
Quality Greens July2-5
Avocados 4/$1 Time to make some guacamole!
Shoppers Drug Mart
July 4&5 only
Sun Chips and Ruffles 2/$3 limit 4
Life Brand Paper Towels 8 rolls $1.99 limit 4
Balea Antipersperant 45g $1.99 limit 4
Gillette Deodrnat, Foam Mouse, Gel or Satin Care Gel $1.99 limit 4
Maybelline New York cosmetic products $4.99 limit 4
July 3-16
Milk 4L $3.99
Walmart July2-8
Kraft Peanut Butter 2Kg $3.97!!!!!lowest it goes
Milk,bread, butter and eggs still on sale
Zellers July 2-8
Allen's Apple Juice 18X200ml $2.99(isn't the lowest ever, but pretty good.
Saporito Oil 3L $2.99 limit 4 !!!!!!($3.99 is the lowest I have tracked it for a very long time!)
Saporito Olive Oil Extra Virgin 750ml $2.99!!!! This is screaming! limit 4
Extra Foods July 3-9
July 5-6 only use 10%off first $25, 12% off first $50, 15% off first $100
Imperial Margarine 1.36Kg $2.97 limit 4(same at Superstore)
Fresh Whole Watermelon $3.97
NN Frozen Vegetables 1Kg $1.78
NN Perogies 1Kg $1.48!!!(lowest ever!)
NN Frozen Chopped Spinach 300g $1
NN Croutons 170g .98(same at Superstore)
NN hashbrowns 1Kg $1.18(same at Superstore)
Terra Deyssa olive oil 1L $4.99(same at Superstore)
NN Olives 398ml .98(same at Superstore)
Bella Tavola Pasta 450g 2/$1.78(same at Superstore)
Fresh Peaches and Nectarines .77/lb(same at Superstore)
Mushrooms 454g $1.98(same at Superstore)
Save On July 4-10
Minute Maid Frozen Juices 355ml .59
Safeway July 3-9
Lucerene Icecream 2/$6
Romaine Lettuce .79
Chicken Legs Fresh $1.49/lb(not lowest)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free Razor and Free Audible Book

London Drugs has a great freebie!

Schick Offer
Bring in your old razor and receive a Schick Hydro 5 Razor FREE Available at customer service. While quantities last.

Free Audible book until July 2 11:59pm EST. No credit card required. I did it and got my free book, I couldn't link you straight to it as I had already downloaded my book, so sorry for the need to click on another link from this one. My first choice was unavailable.