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Friday, July 16, 2010

This Week's Sales

This Week's Sales
As you could see I didn't have quite enough time to post the sales last week.....This is the time of year it's good to work on cleaning out the freezer as it's not the best time to get lots of great deals. Here's a quick look at what I found so far....

Nesters July 14-17

Mushrooms .98/lb limit 5lbs
Drumsticks .88/lb
24 Roll Purex $5

Shopper's 17-23

Eggs Large $1.99 limit2
Everyday Butter $2.99 limit 4
Demster's Bread $2.49
Armstrong Cheese 340g $2.99

Superstore 17-23

Strawberries 2lb $2.86
NN Frozen OJ $1
Neilson Yogurts 3/$1
Mars Chocolate Bars 2/$1(chocolate bars can be frozen if you love to make yummy chocolate bar cake!)
NN Noodles 5/$1
Green beans $1/lb
NN English Muffins $1
Radishes 3/$1
NN Wieners $1.38
Pineapples $1.97 when you buy 2
English Cucumbers 3/$2.28
NN Corn Flakes 1.35Kg $3.48
NN Cheese 907g $7.98
NN Jello 85g 2/$1(even better deal is to buy the 1Kg and the Real Canadian Wholesale Club)
NN Ice cream sandwiches 12 for $4
NN Croutons $1
NN Rice Cakes or Rice Chips $1

Safeway 17-23

Old South Frozen OJ .99 when you buy 6
Romaine .79
Lucerene Ice Creams 2/$5
Cabbage .49/lb

Old Town Market 14-19

Corn on Cob 6/$2.99
Romaine .79
Cherry Tomatoes 3/$5

Quality Greens 14-19

Green Peppers .99/lb other colors $1.49/lb

Function Junction opens today!!! One of my favorite fruit and veggie stands opens for the season today. It was looking like they wouldn't be open this year as the highway has been expanded and their entrance seemed to disappear. Well, just drive a little up the road and you'll see a new way to get to your fresh fruits and veggies!! Yeah!!

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