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Sunday, July 25, 2010

This Week's Sales

Check out the colors in the sky!! Isn't it just incredible!!!

This week's sales..hmmm, summer in the Okanagan is BUSY! There are beaches to visit often, company to hang out with, and so much more! It's hard to fit a little blogging in! In the summer I find I tend to frequent the fresh fruit and veggie stands and use what I have in my freezer(as I already mentioned)as grocery prices are higher at this time of year.
One of my friends writes a fantastic blog on using yummy fruits and veggies to make fantastic things to eat! Check her out here
Save On July 25-31
4lbs blueberries $7.99! This is a great price. We are going to a upick that charges $1.95/lb! I love taking the kids and picking our own berries. To freeze blueberries just wash them, pat dry and lay them out on a cookie sheet. Put them in the freezer for a few hours and then freeze in ziplocs! Enjoy!
Green Grapes are .99/lb
Romaine is .69
McCain's pizzas are $4.99 465g-900g
If you get coupons from the pgbrand sampler, you'll notice there is a coupon for $1.00 off pert plus shampoo. This week it is $1.99 at Save On so you could get a 300ml bottle for .99.

Shopper's July 24-31
Eggs Large limit 2 $1.99
Butter $2.99 limit 4
Armstrong Cheese 340g $2.99

Safeway July 24-31
Frozen Boneless skinless chicken breasts $2.99/lb
Corn on the cob 12/$3.96
Did you know that at Safeway you can rent movies for $1.79?! It's one of those machines. We did it in Hawaii and found it worked well, there was a good selection of new releases, and it was convenient for us!

Cooper's July 25-31
Watermelons are $3.99

Zellers July23-29
Bleach 2.8L $1
Ajax 2/$1

Walmart July 23-29
Mastro Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L $5
Milk 4L $3.97
GV Bread 567g $1.67
GV Eggs Large $1.97
GV Butter 454g $2.97
Bulk Bagels 3/$1
McCain Pizzas 440g-540g $3.97(limited time)
Lemons and Limes .33(Sangria anyone?)
Romaine, Green or Red Lettuce .77

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Heather said...

Hi Sue
Is the U-pick place the one in Winfield or have you found somewhere closer? I'd love to take the boys to pick some blueberries this week and I'm not sure the best place to go.