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Thursday, July 18, 2013

This Week's Sales and I've Got Lots of Bananas!

How's your summer going? Mine's great! It's been hot...which I love...a lot! I have been slacking on the weekly sales because I'm outside....always, every minute it's sunny if I can. I need sun lots of sun. My friend told me we are sun name is Sue, I am a sun hoarded. So, right now I have the lap top in the shade while keeping my self in the sun. Just my hands are shady, it's perfect. I can write for long periods of time like this...sorry...Anyways, enough of that. Here's what happened this week. My sister in law and I took a trip to Quality Greens to get blueberries..10lbs for $9.99. While we were there we looked in the clearance, of course. We found this box of bananas. $7. I asked the cashier if she would entertain me and weigh it. Almost 27lbs... .26/lb! There were some nice yellow ones in their too! We split the box and each paid $3.50. What did I do with all those bananas you ask?
2013-07-16 11.29.16
Even my food pics need to be done outside now.
2013-07-17 12.42.13
Some of them I just peeled and put straight into Ziplocs to freeze. I will use them for smoothies and banana bread and muffins.
2013-07-17 12.24.58
The ones that  are spotted are sweetest and best for drying. I sliced them quite thin and dried them. It took about 8 hours.
2013-07-17 12.24.53
I kept some of the ripe ones and made a few loaves of America's Test Kitchen Banana Bread. It's the best recipe I have found so far! Note to self. I need to blog the recipe!
2013-07-18 13.10.35
This week at Safeway there are a few interesting deals.
Buy 4 bags of chips for $10 and get a free 12 pack of pop! Don't forget to use the coupons from the Pepsico coupons. I found them in Superstore by the pop. There are $1 off on  Ruffles and Pepsi products. If you use 4 of the Ruffles coupons you could get this deal for $8. 4 Bags of chips and a case of pop for $8 is screaming!
2013-07-18 13.09.34
  The new P&G Brandsaver is in our Event newspaper here today. They have three buy 3 Crest get $4.50 off. The Crest is 3/$5 at Safeway, so you'd get your toothpaste for .50 plus tax!
3 Day only Sale
Roses are 6 for $5 limit 5(it used to be 9)
Milk is 2L for $2 limit 2(it usually includes buttermilk and chocolate milk as well as all the regular milks)
12 Safeway Apple Juice 1L $6 limit 1

Save On Foods
Grade A Frozen Turkey .99/lb limit 1(same at Cooper's)
Minute Maid Juice .59
Buy 5 Kraft Products get $5 off. The dressings are 2/$5 for the 475 ml. So 5 would be $12.50-$5=$7.50 for 5 which makes them $1.50 each. Make sure and watch to see the $5 actually comes off as I have had troubles in the past.
Potato Thins are $2 if you get the Christie's Corner Checkout 51 this week it's $2 off and there are .50 coupons out there. You'd make .50 to buy these
Green grapes $1.49/lb
Romaine .69 each
Club pack lean ground beef $2.28/lb limit 4
Peaches .76/lb
9 lb case of mangoes $5.88
Large cantaloupe $1.96
Mushrooms $1.98 for 454 g
Dole Salads 255-397 g .86
Whole Chickens grade A 3 per bag $2.28/lb
Coconut Milk .88 limit 4

Grapes $1.47/lb
Lay's chips 180 g $2(at Safeway it is the 270g size for $2.50)
Cabbage green or red .57/lb
Mushrooms 8oz $1.27(a bit cheaper than Superstore's)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Saving at the Movies This Summer!

lego 030
This is a good way to save money at the movies this summer! Now at Costco you can buy  $25 worth of gift certificates for $17.99! These are good for the Landmark Cinemas and are available for the provinces of Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan a Manitoba and the Yukon. If you click on the photo below you can see which cities it works for. Here in Kelowna it works for the Grand 10 and the Paramount. This is almost a 30% savings! We tried it out and went to the Grand 10 on Tuesday. Our tickets for an advanced screening of The Lone Ranger worked out to only $3.96/person!
The Tuesday Big Deal: Admission, Med Popcorn, Med Soft drink is regularly $11.99. If you stop and get these gift certificates first you end up paying $8.63!
lego 031
Also, if you sign up to receive the newsletter you get a free medium popcorn coupon to print.

This Week's Sales

2013-07-05 11.55.21
Did you get this FPC from Mine came today. I used it and then submitted my receipt  to Checkout  51. I made $1 to buy it. Hope you got yours! If not sign up at and you may get one too!
2013-07-05 15.11.22
I stopped at Superstore and they had price matched some of the other stores!
 Peaches, plums, nectarines .96/lb(Walmart .97/lb)
1 Kg kiwi $2.47
Cook's ham $1.28/lb
Cilantro 4/$1
Brocoli crowns .96/lb
Farmer's Market tomatoes .96/lb(Walmart .97/lb)
Kraft Dinner case $5.99 limit 1(Safeway Fri-Sun $6 limit 2)
Box of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $2.88/lb
2lbs blueberries $4.96
Snow Peas 2/$2
Mangoes 9lb  $6.48
Romaine .59 each(Save On same)

Celery $1
Walla walla sweet onions 3lb $1.97
Green Grapes $1.49/lb

Save On has this deal. Regular milk here is $4.65 so you are getting your Oreos for .35. Limit 2.
Kale is .99 each
2013-07-05 15.15.14
I stumbled upon these deals.. 50% off...mmmmm Haagen Dazs....

Easy Summer Salad

2013-07-05 10.32.13
This salad is so yummy, so easy and so changeable! It's a what you have on hand salad! Feel free to add or subtract whatever to make it your own. Don't want to make the dressing? Use bottled!
Easy Summer Salad
1 can chick peas
1 can olives
Pasta, tricolor, already cooked
Cut up peppers
Cut up tomatoes or grape tomatoes
LOTS of fresh basil! Lots! Like 10-15 leaves!
Feta cheese crumbled
The Dressing
4 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
4 tsp olive oil
2 Tbsp honey
Salt and pepper to taste
Mix everything together and put it in the fridge for at least 20 minutes before serving!
2013-07-05 10.32.48
My basil happily growing on the deck!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Checkout 51 Purchases for June

Here's June's Checkout 51 purchases. As you can see I didn't buy as much as the offers weren't always things I buy.

Grand Total of 15 Products Purchased: $48.07
Total Coupons and discounts(10% off day) Used: $21.80
Total Checkout 51: $31
Total Paid out of pocket:$0 made $4.73!!

blog 085
Saran wrap cost .11 each after tax.
The Kashi cost .98 after coupon and tax(I could have done better had I got it on sale at Shoppers. Then it would have been .48/box!)
2013-06-28 20.32.12
The whip cream was .97 a can after $1 off coupon and Checkout 51
2013-06-28 17.49.55
This was a fun shop! The Potato Thins were 1.99 at Superstore, but they rang up $2.97! So the first one was free(I made $2 from Checkout 51) and the other 2 I made .01. The Glad garbage bags were purchased at Save On Foods stacking $7 worth of coupons! I made $1.17 to buy them. The Glade Car Scents were FPC , so I paid the tax and Checkout 51 paid me $3 making me $1.97 to buy them!
2 products not shown are bagels and Raid, I bought one of each. The bagels were free and the Raid was $1.24.
The spend $60 and get a $1 helped me make money this month. From now on they give you an entry to win $500 instead of $1.
How did your shop go this month?