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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Checkout 51 Purchases for June

Here's June's Checkout 51 purchases. As you can see I didn't buy as much as the offers weren't always things I buy.

Grand Total of 15 Products Purchased: $48.07
Total Coupons and discounts(10% off day) Used: $21.80
Total Checkout 51: $31
Total Paid out of pocket:$0 made $4.73!!

blog 085
Saran wrap cost .11 each after tax.
The Kashi cost .98 after coupon and tax(I could have done better had I got it on sale at Shoppers. Then it would have been .48/box!)
2013-06-28 20.32.12
The whip cream was .97 a can after $1 off coupon and Checkout 51
2013-06-28 17.49.55
This was a fun shop! The Potato Thins were 1.99 at Superstore, but they rang up $2.97! So the first one was free(I made $2 from Checkout 51) and the other 2 I made .01. The Glad garbage bags were purchased at Save On Foods stacking $7 worth of coupons! I made $1.17 to buy them. The Glade Car Scents were FPC , so I paid the tax and Checkout 51 paid me $3 making me $1.97 to buy them!
2 products not shown are bagels and Raid, I bought one of each. The bagels were free and the Raid was $1.24.
The spend $60 and get a $1 helped me make money this month. From now on they give you an entry to win $500 instead of $1.
How did your shop go this month?

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