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Thursday, July 18, 2013

This Week's Sales and I've Got Lots of Bananas!

How's your summer going? Mine's great! It's been hot...which I love...a lot! I have been slacking on the weekly sales because I'm outside....always, every minute it's sunny if I can. I need sun lots of sun. My friend told me we are sun name is Sue, I am a sun hoarded. So, right now I have the lap top in the shade while keeping my self in the sun. Just my hands are shady, it's perfect. I can write for long periods of time like this...sorry...Anyways, enough of that. Here's what happened this week. My sister in law and I took a trip to Quality Greens to get blueberries..10lbs for $9.99. While we were there we looked in the clearance, of course. We found this box of bananas. $7. I asked the cashier if she would entertain me and weigh it. Almost 27lbs... .26/lb! There were some nice yellow ones in their too! We split the box and each paid $3.50. What did I do with all those bananas you ask?
2013-07-16 11.29.16
Even my food pics need to be done outside now.
2013-07-17 12.42.13
Some of them I just peeled and put straight into Ziplocs to freeze. I will use them for smoothies and banana bread and muffins.
2013-07-17 12.24.58
The ones that  are spotted are sweetest and best for drying. I sliced them quite thin and dried them. It took about 8 hours.
2013-07-17 12.24.53
I kept some of the ripe ones and made a few loaves of America's Test Kitchen Banana Bread. It's the best recipe I have found so far! Note to self. I need to blog the recipe!
2013-07-18 13.10.35
This week at Safeway there are a few interesting deals.
Buy 4 bags of chips for $10 and get a free 12 pack of pop! Don't forget to use the coupons from the Pepsico coupons. I found them in Superstore by the pop. There are $1 off on  Ruffles and Pepsi products. If you use 4 of the Ruffles coupons you could get this deal for $8. 4 Bags of chips and a case of pop for $8 is screaming!
2013-07-18 13.09.34
  The new P&G Brandsaver is in our Event newspaper here today. They have three buy 3 Crest get $4.50 off. The Crest is 3/$5 at Safeway, so you'd get your toothpaste for .50 plus tax!
3 Day only Sale
Roses are 6 for $5 limit 5(it used to be 9)
Milk is 2L for $2 limit 2(it usually includes buttermilk and chocolate milk as well as all the regular milks)
12 Safeway Apple Juice 1L $6 limit 1

Save On Foods
Grade A Frozen Turkey .99/lb limit 1(same at Cooper's)
Minute Maid Juice .59
Buy 5 Kraft Products get $5 off. The dressings are 2/$5 for the 475 ml. So 5 would be $12.50-$5=$7.50 for 5 which makes them $1.50 each. Make sure and watch to see the $5 actually comes off as I have had troubles in the past.
Potato Thins are $2 if you get the Christie's Corner Checkout 51 this week it's $2 off and there are .50 coupons out there. You'd make .50 to buy these
Green grapes $1.49/lb
Romaine .69 each
Club pack lean ground beef $2.28/lb limit 4
Peaches .76/lb
9 lb case of mangoes $5.88
Large cantaloupe $1.96
Mushrooms $1.98 for 454 g
Dole Salads 255-397 g .86
Whole Chickens grade A 3 per bag $2.28/lb
Coconut Milk .88 limit 4

Grapes $1.47/lb
Lay's chips 180 g $2(at Safeway it is the 270g size for $2.50)
Cabbage green or red .57/lb
Mushrooms 8oz $1.27(a bit cheaper than Superstore's)

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