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Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Week's Sales

I know this is a strange picture, but I thought it was a beautiful, colorful mushroom! We saw it on a hike up at Conkle Lake.
Superstore 15-21(Extra Foods)
Spend $150 get a 4kg case of mangoes
Chicken Drumsticks Club Pack $1.98/lb(Extra)
Peaches and Nectarines(Extra)
Romaine .56(Extra)
Cantaloupe $1.46
Hot dog/Hamburger buns $1.97each(Extra)

Pork shoulder blade $1.98/lb(Extra)
Foremost Yogurt 5/$2(Extra)

NN Cheese 200g $2(Extra)

NN Sliced Meat 175g $1(Extra)

NN Wieners $1limit 1(Extra)

Royale TP 30 doubles $11.99(limit 6)
NN Fries 2.2kg $3
NN Perogies 2kg $3(Extra)

NN extra virgin olive oil 750ml $3(Extra)

NN Sliced Olives 398ml $1(Extra)

NN Parmesan 250g $4(Extra)

NN Chicken Thighs 2Kg $9(Extra)
Extra Foods
Cherries $1.77/lb
Fortune Rice 8kg $6.98(limit 8)
NN TP 24 doubles $6.98

Safeway 15-21
Lucerene Ice cream 1.89L 2/$5
Rye Bread 500g $1.29 when you buy 4
limes 4/$1
Cherries $1.99/lb
Corn on the cob 10/$4
Bakery Bread 570g $1.29when you buy 3

15-17 only
2L Coca Cola Sprite Pepsi 7up .99 limit 6
140g Snack up chips 2/.99 limit 6
Stamps 10% off

Shoppers 17-18 only
Paper Towels 8 for $1.99 limit 4
Tuna .69 limit 4

Walmart 15-21
Peaches/Nectarines .77/lb
Fruitopia/Five Alive 1.75L $1
Tostidos/Lay's 220g-320g $2
Royale 24 Mega Rolls $6.98
Plums .97/lb
Croissants .33 each

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why Have an Emergency Fund?

Most financial writers, planners, and teachers recommend having an emergency fund.How much varies, some say $1000, some say 3 months, or 3-6 months worth of household expenses. Why? Well, the emergency fund is supposed to be your insurance against going into debt when that unexpected, but inevitable thing happens.The idea is you are your own bank, you can borrow from you.How much do you really need to survive? Bare bones? I always like it when I have a bit of an outline, so I will share what our bare bones are.
Home Insurance(we pay once a year, but set aside the monthly amount each month)
Property Taxes(we pay once a year, but set aside the monthly amount each month)
Terasen Gas
Fortis Power
Medical Services Plan
Cell(we are on a plan, so even though this isn't a necessity it can't be left off, it is only $28 all taxes in per month)
Car Insurance(we pay once a year, but set aside the monthly amount each month)
Life Insurance(we pay once a year, but set aside the monthly amount each month)
Grand Total is what we need to survive on.(A normal budget would include giving and saving but that's when there is an income).
 As, I have written before we were really working at getting past one month of expenses saved. Well, we finally did! Taking on an extra job we stashed away another 3 months...just in time! We got our emergency! Hubby's place of employment closed down! So, once again...I can say having an emergency fund is really, really important.
Where to begin?Start off small if it seems like a huge undertaking. I know how you feel, it felt impossible to squeeze anymore from our encouraged you can do it. Once you get your $1000 you have already started taking steps backwards from the financial debt cliff. Having an emergency fund takes away some of the panic that can be involved in a backed up sewer, blown tire, or job loss. Having an emergency fund gives you some options. Suddenly you don't have to hurry up and decide, you can think about it. There is another thing that kicks know how hard you worked to save that money, so you may be more thoughtful when making that big ticket much do I really want to spend? When charging a purchase on a credit card, it feels pretty hopeless and kind of like it's not your money maybe there's a bit more impulsiveness to our spending?
We have spent many years gathering up a small emergency fund, having emergencies, and then starting all over again. The good news is we don't charge us interest! If we had to use credit cards or lines of credit the interest charges would be hefty! How are you doing getting your rainy day fund????

Friday, July 8, 2011

This Week's Sales

This was taken at Conkle Lake where we spent the past few days.

Rexall Grand Opening Sales July 8-10

Admiral Tuna 2/$1 limit 4
Royale TP 16single or 8 double $2.99 limit 4
Colgate Toothpaste 75ml-100ml .49 limit 4
Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrushes .49 limit 4
Country Harvest Bread 3/$5 limit 6
Rexall Facial Tissue .39 limit 6

Walmart 8-14
Allen's Juices 1L .88
Christie Cookies or Crackers $1.88
Broccoli Crowns .97/lb
Green Peppers .97/lb
Lemons .33ea
Kiwi $1 for 1lb bag
Mastro Extra Virgin Olive oil 1L $4.97

Superstore 8-14
Gas savings is on again this week Spend $100-$250 on groceries and then save .10-.35/L on gas. Coupon on front of the flyer

Cherries are $1.96/lb
NN Cheese 800g $7.98 limit 4
Bagels 5/$2
Terra Delyssa extra virgin or pure olive oil 3L $14.99

Extra Foods 8-14
2lb strawberries $2.88
Lean Ground Beef $2.18/lb limit 4
Bag of 4 Red Peppers $1.98
Vine Ripe tomatoes .87/lb
Terra Delyssa extra virgin or pure olive oil 3L $14.99
NN Cheese 800g $7.98 limit 4

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Friday, July 1, 2011

This Week's Sales

Happy Canada Day!!

Rexall July 1-3
Christie Crackers $1.49!!! limit 4
Tuna .50!!!! limit 4
Doritos $1.88 limit 4

Safeway 1-3
Corn on cob 12/$3.96
Hot Dog buns $1.98
July 5 is 10% off day

Extra Foods is having Family Days July 4 and 5(buy x$ of food get % off see coupons on front of flyers)
Superstore has buy $250 get a $25 gift card
Case of Mangoes $4.96
Country Harvest Bread 2/$5
Cantaloupe $1.46
Plums .96/lb
Bok Choy .48/lb
Min Maid Frozen Punch .50
Salsa 1.89L $4.48!!!

Walmart 1-7
Watermelon $3.96
Tositos 320g $2
limes .20
plums, peaches, nectarines .97
Grape Tomatoes 227g $2
Donatello's frozen pizza $2.50(we tried these last time and they are actually pretty good...nice to have on hand for a quick supper)
Summer Washer Fluid .88