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Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Week's Sales

I know this is a strange picture, but I thought it was a beautiful, colorful mushroom! We saw it on a hike up at Conkle Lake.
Superstore 15-21(Extra Foods)
Spend $150 get a 4kg case of mangoes
Chicken Drumsticks Club Pack $1.98/lb(Extra)
Peaches and Nectarines(Extra)
Romaine .56(Extra)
Cantaloupe $1.46
Hot dog/Hamburger buns $1.97each(Extra)

Pork shoulder blade $1.98/lb(Extra)
Foremost Yogurt 5/$2(Extra)

NN Cheese 200g $2(Extra)

NN Sliced Meat 175g $1(Extra)

NN Wieners $1limit 1(Extra)

Royale TP 30 doubles $11.99(limit 6)
NN Fries 2.2kg $3
NN Perogies 2kg $3(Extra)

NN extra virgin olive oil 750ml $3(Extra)

NN Sliced Olives 398ml $1(Extra)

NN Parmesan 250g $4(Extra)

NN Chicken Thighs 2Kg $9(Extra)
Extra Foods
Cherries $1.77/lb
Fortune Rice 8kg $6.98(limit 8)
NN TP 24 doubles $6.98

Safeway 15-21
Lucerene Ice cream 1.89L 2/$5
Rye Bread 500g $1.29 when you buy 4
limes 4/$1
Cherries $1.99/lb
Corn on the cob 10/$4
Bakery Bread 570g $1.29when you buy 3

15-17 only
2L Coca Cola Sprite Pepsi 7up .99 limit 6
140g Snack up chips 2/.99 limit 6
Stamps 10% off

Shoppers 17-18 only
Paper Towels 8 for $1.99 limit 4
Tuna .69 limit 4

Walmart 15-21
Peaches/Nectarines .77/lb
Fruitopia/Five Alive 1.75L $1
Tostidos/Lay's 220g-320g $2
Royale 24 Mega Rolls $6.98
Plums .97/lb
Croissants .33 each

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